MEAL REPLACEMENT SAMPLER - 6 Delicious, Organic, Vegan, Meal Replacement Protein Shakes & Smoothies

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Congratulations! Upgrading your health one meal at a time invigorates every aspect of your life.

  1. Feel the vibrancy of potent plant protein!
  2. Give yourself stamina all day.
  3. Satisfy your cravings for protein.
  4. Recover more quickly from exercise and stress!

"Sarvaa Meal Replacements taste great! And they're so quick and easy! Thanks!" Linda V., Palo Alto, CA

Each of these six Meal Replacements was specially formulated to give you all you need for a quick and balanced meal.

And they're optimized for both daily use and are also great for before and after exercise!   The bioavailability of these ingredients ensures that your body assimilates every molecule in these protein powders!

All six of these Superfood Meal Replacements include loads of B.C.A.A. (Branch Chain Amino Acids) to give you the kind of complete protein that is highly satisfying, and also helps you recover more quickly after intense activity. This is due on Endurance Sports Recovery Protocols to optimize the ratios of the 9 essential amino acids humans need to thrive.

  • Feel more Alive and Vibrant.
  • Save time and money.
  • Reduce your inflammation.
  • Enhance your mood.
  • Lose weight sustainably.
  • Improve your sleep.
  • Reduce auto-immune issues.
  • Enhance your genetics & epigenetics.
  • Get your macro-nutrients & micro-nutrients! 

You are truly unique! The correct amounts and best times to take these Meal Replacements will depend on your individual needs. Incorporating superfoods whenever possible into your daily routine is how you make sure that you’re performing optimally, especially when physical or mental-emotional stress factors are high.

It’s healthier to have fun! Don’t let this be a chore or a burden. Play with different combinations and timings to find out what your body likes best!

What’s in the Meal Replacement Sampler?

  • Pacha Protein, 2 servings. - Retail Value $5.
  • Sita Protein, 2 servings. - Retail Value $5.
  • Sacred Strength, 2 servings. -  Retail Value $5.
  • Cacao Plus!, 2 servings. -  Retail Value $5.
  • Mayan Chocolate, 2 servings. -  Retail Value $5.
  • 30G Ultimate Pure Protein Powder, Retail Value $5.

Two Servings of Pacha Protein:

  • Pacha Protein. Packed with SupraGreens, adaptogens, and 9 essential amino acids. Pacha Protein helps detox your system while providing your muscles with ample protein! Enjoy its hints of vanilla and cinnamon.

  • You can find out more details about Pacha Protein here.

Two Servings of Sita Protein:

  • Sita Protein. Packed with seed-based plant proteins, digestible herbs and a healthy dose of Pre & Probiotics. Sita Protein is fantastic for sensitive stomachs and easeful digestion. Balanced with with high fiber and healthy Omegas to assist in feeling full and nourished.

  • You can find out more details about Sita Protein here.

Two Servings of Sacred Strength:

  • Sacred Strength. Support your Endocrine System & lower stress! Sacred Strength increases endurance & vitality with powerful Adaptogens and amino acids. Tastes of cinnamon and ginger.

  • You can find out more details about Sacred Strength here.

Two Servings of Cacao Plus!:

  • Cacao Plus!. A total cacao bomb of SupraGreens and Adaptogens for total mojo! Get clean bioavailable protein and revitalizing nourishment in this “chocolately chai” dream come true!.
  • You can find out more details about Cacao Plus! here.

Two Servings of Mayan Chocolate:

  • Mayan Chocolate. Do you like your chocolate with a little bit of zing?! Enjoy this twist on your chocolate smoothie with mild chilies and cinnamon. Premium cacao, supergreens and adaptogens! Balance your body’s pH levels, build muscle, and feel vibrant!
  • You can find out more details about Mayan Chocolate here.

Serving of 30G Pure Protein Powder:

  • Ultimate 30G Protein Powder . Add a full serving to your beverage, or add half a serving for additional 15 to 30 G of protein.  Personalize the taste with addition of your flavor of choice.
  • You can find out more details about Ultimate Protein Powder here.

How to Use the Meal Replacement Sampler Package:

  1. Make “Protein Shots.” Mix 3 Tbls of a meal replacement powder into 6 oz of water or your favorite milk to turbo-charge your breakfast, lunch or dinner with a great “Endurance Shot!”

  2. Make Smoothies. Blend 3 - 5 Tbls in your favorite milk. (Tip: For weight loss, use water instead.) Blend in half of a green banana for prebiotic benefits, add chia seeds to thicken it up, and incorporate healthy fats in addition to what you enjoy in your on-the-go protein drink!

  3. Make Warm Soothing Drinks. This option goes really well with Cacao Plus! or Mayan Chocolate. Gently heat up your favorite milk to almost boiling, mix in a tablespoon of your favorite Meal Replacement, add in a spoonful of a healthy fat like coconut oil, and an optional little bit of a healthy sweetener if desired.

  4. Replace Your Least Healthy Meal. The best way to start seeing dramatic improvements in your health is to start introducing abundant nutrition where there may be very little. Whether it’s breakfast, lunch, or dinner that tends to be your least healthy meal of the day, this tactic will ensure that you’re nourished by complete nutrition, and preventing unnecessary cravings.

Get the most benefits from your Meal Replacement Sampler Package:

  • Enjoy a cleaner diet. A poor diet can lessen and prevent the positive effects of your meal replacements. Eating well enhances your superfoods’ effects, moving you into vibrancy instead of constantly cleaning up toxic residue that comes with poor eating.

  • Get nourishing rest. Good sleep is so important! Deep sleep is when much of your healing occurs. Avoid over-stimulating foods and activities in the evenings.

  • Lower your stress. Try eliminating unnecessary activities, or by reducing the time you spend reacting to challenges. Stress directly lowers your vibrancy.

Develop a smart relationship with your Superfoods!

  • Add your superfoods into your daily routine. Taking superfoods at the same time of day will ensure you’re actually eating them. Consistency and routine will deepen the effects of the plants found in these meal replacements, and help you to get the most value out of these powerful foods.

  • Use your superfoods with intention. Set clear intentions about what benefits you want from your superfoods, and then welcome them with each sip.

  • Pay attention to how you feel about taking superfoods.Sometimes we can slip into a mentality of lack when taking our supplements or superfoods, focusing on our inadequacies or our pain. Your superfoods are part of your journey to vibrancy and can be a daily opportunity to celebrate yourself and your path! So remember to feel the Self-Love and honor your efforts!

Amplify and leverage your life with delicious, ultra-pure, all organic, vegan, raw Meal Replacements:

  1. Save time.
  2. Save money.
  3. Pre-exercise fuel.
  4. Post-exercise quick-recovery meal.
  5. Enhance your mood.
  6. Loose weight sustainably.
  7. Get your macro-nutrients & micro-nutrients quickly and organically!

Here’s a Sarvaa Secret:

Vibrancy is a practice. You’ve begun! Sarvaa Meal Replacement Sampler Package is now part of your practice, and is more proof of your commitment to your well-being. Keep it up! Practice feeling vibrant! When caring for yourself becomes part of your routine you start to discover new ways of letting health in. Smile inwardly, set intentions, and gift yourself with the time and space to meet your needs. Enjoy turning your desires into practices that transform your life starting today!

Love Your Body!   Love Everybody!


This information has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. 
If you are pregnant, nursing, taking medication, or have a medical condition, consult your physician before using this product. 

9 Reviews

  • 5

    Posted by TempePetSitter on 15th Jan 2024

    It's a great opportunity to try all the proteins in these generous portions, AND in glass jars, to boot!
    So far I'm loving these, and will change up my order accordingly next time.

  • 5
    Perfect variety!

    Posted by Lyra on 14th May 2023

    I've ordered this twice for fun. Usually I ended up gifting a couple of them, because they are so delightful to share.

  • 5
    Meal Replacement Sampler

    Posted by Bobbie Nelson on 10th May 2023

    A wonderful addition to my smoothies! Thank you

  • 5
    Pacha Protein

    Posted by Gloria Ehrstrom on 24th Apr 2023

    I heard about your company thru "Lulu's Way" on you tube. So far, I have only tried the Pacha Protein because I have other supplements to use up first, but I do like the Pacha Protein sample and I will be purchasing the bag soon.. I really like your products and will continue to purchase them. Thank you, Gloria

  • 5
    Meal replacement sampler

    Posted by Tina on 6th Dec 2022

    I loved being able to try all of these and being able to have options to fit with a particular day’s events for example 30G higher protein on workout days. I like them all, but I’m especially fond of the Cacao Plus and Maha Chocolate.

  • 5

    Posted by Christina on 26th Oct 2022

    I don't know what you guys do different, but I love these meal replacements/proteins. Most proteins whether they're plant based or whey give me upset stomach, and so far none of these do that, not even a little bit. I also love that they're packed with great ingredients. Now I just have to decide which one to order in full size!!

  • 5
    Meal Replacement Sampler

    Posted by Robert Brown on 15th Apr 2021

    Thank you for providing this sampler. I like that these flavors are true and simple, not pumped up with those popular but worthless added flavors and stevia.

  • 5
    Easy, yummy protein shake

    Posted by Elisa on 22nd May 2019

    This sampler was great - enough product to make 8 shakes, and the powder was very easy to blend with coconut or hemp milk. It's hard to choose just one flavor to get a larger size in. As a bonus, the jars are reusable and recyclable. Great product!

  • 5
    Fabulous Four!

    Posted by Colleen E. on 11th Apr 2019

    I first tried Sarvaa Superfood at Taspen's in Conifer, CO, and instantly fell in love with the flavor and consistency of the blend in the smoothie. When I looked up Sarvaa's online and saw the Meal Replacement Sampler I thought it was the best purchase to try all the flavors at a reasonable price-it was the smartest decision ever!. I love them all, for different reasons, moods and needs.

    The Mayan is great for when I need a 'kick' of aliveness, perfect for in the morning. The Cacao Plus is comforting and just plain yummy. I like the Sacred Strength in the afternoon around 3:00; it isn't stimulating and I find I feel really content after using it. Finally, I like the Pacha Protein after I lift or do yoga. I think the company suggests Pacha before working out, but I feel it is a great recovery option as well.

    I've tried other Vegan powders and had yet to find one that met my needs, until Sarvaa. The Caco Plus is the bomb, but I would recommend all four.

    Try the Sampler! You won't be disappointed.