CONSCIOUS CACAO - A Luscious Mocha Beverage, Caffeine and Sugar Free!

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Conscious Cacao Coffee Replacement

~Sarvaa's Caffeine & Sugar Free Chocolate Energy Beverage!


Conscious Cacao is a luscious, chocolate beverage that supports your body with an energizing, anti-inflammatory, prebiotic rich, immune-boosting kick without caffeine or sugar. Mix 2 teaspoons with 4 oz of hot water to create a fantastic alternative to your morning coffee. Conscious Cacao tastes delicious and vivacious while providing superior micronutrients and avoiding junk sweeteners and cheap caffeine, helping you start your day off strong, centered and clear.

Benefits & Features

Conscious Cacao is packed with superfoods, adaptogens and medicinal mushrooms.  If you feel like your coffee habit is no longer serving you, replace your morning coffee with a mug full of Conscious Cacao and reap the rewards of its nutrient dense deliciousness.

Cacao has been used for thousands of years in spiritual ceremonies, rituals and celebrations.  The cacao tree is known as the “Tree of Life” and the “Tree of Love”.  When consumed, cacao can be a catalyst for creativity, it can help us tap into inspiration and inner wisdom. It’s a heart opening medicine that supports connection. Cacao contains theobromine, which is a gentle, mild, energy stimulant which offers a slow onset of sustainable energy that is long lasting and non-addictive.

Ramon Seed is packed with nutrients including fiber, calcium, potassium, folic acid, iron, zinc, protein, and Vitamin B. It grows in the canopy of the Brosimum alicastrum tree and was once a staple food crop for the ancient Mayan civilization.

Lion's Mane is a medicinal mushroom that supports healthy nerve function, offers anti-inflammatory benefits, and may help alleviate depression, anxiety and menopause symptoms. Research suggests that Lion's Mane also shows promise in protection against cancer. Often referred to as "Nature's Nutrient for the Neurons" this mushroom is thought to help heal neuropathy, digestive tract damage, brain neuron damage and other nerve damage. *

Reishi Mushroom is known to be a powerful adaptogen. It’s polysaccharides, antioxidant properties, and beta-glucans may also help with immune function. It’s believed to encourage vitality, anti-aging, and happiness. It's strong antioxidant content is believed to suppress tumor growth, fight viral infection and dramatically improve immunity. As a histamine release inhibitor and inflammatory reduction assistant, it is known to help relieve allergy symptoms as well. It is also know to help reduce stress, support healthy sleep and alleviate fatigue. *

Jerusalem Artichoke Inulin is a soluble fiber packed with prebiotic properties that stimulate the growth of beneficial gut bacteria. The Organic Jerusalem Artichoke, native to North America, also called a 'Sunchoke', is a root-like tuber vegetable related to the sunflower, not the artichoke. This type of Inulin helps improve the balance of the gut microbiome and supports digestion and a healthy colon. *

Maca Root is a powerful adaptogen and helps your body “adapt” to stimulation and stress. It also packs high levels of iron and iodine to promote healthy cells and to help keep your metabolism on track. It’s big doses of potassium help digestion and muscle repair, and recovery from stress. Maca is rich in calcium, amino acids, vitamins, and minerals.*


Story of Development

"After going on a deep, multi-year journey of healing that involved eliminating many things from my diet including caffeine, sugar, gluten, etc., I found that I was interacting with food from an unbalanced, clinical perspective. 

While I didn’t want to jeopardize my health, I did want to reconnect with food in a more loving, creative way. I missed my morning ritual of making coffee and giving myself a moment of private, quiet time to relax into the day. 

I discovered that I could still have my morning ritual while also supporting my health by substituting coffee with a healthier, caffeine and sugar free option like cacao or mushrooms. 

For me, indulging is synonymous with chocolate. Given the choice, I’ll choose dark chocolate over almost anything else on the planet. The first time I went to a Cacao Ceremony, where cacao was used to help open the heart, the creative mind and connection to Spirit, I realized cacao is not only a delicious dessert but also a beautiful and powerful medicine. 

So often cacao is paired with dairy milk and sugar, but if you've been on a journey of healing dis-ease like auto-immune than you know how hard those can be on your body. So, I decided to mix cacao with more healthy, helpful ingredients to promote my wellbeing while also providing myself with that indulgent, delicious feeling. 

From a scientific perspective, cacao doesn’t have much caffeine but it does have a similar chemical, theobromine, which stimulates the body more gently and sustainably than caffeine.  Combining heirloom grade, premium cacao with medicinal mushrooms, maca root, supportive prebiotic fibers, tasty spices and balancing salt and monk fruit, I came up with a superb morning drink that can be enjoyed every day!" 

~ Ani Silversprings, Co-Owner



Conscious Cacao combines the heart opening, uplifting energy of Cacao with the immune boosting, nerve and immune system supporting benefits of medicinal mushrooms. 755 mg of medicinal mushrooms per serving!

Inside you'll find:

 *Premium Cacao, *Ramon Seed, Sarvaa's Mushroom Blend (*Lion’s Mane Mushroom, *Reishi Mushroom), *Jerusalem Artichoke Inulin, *Maca Root, *Cinnamon, *Vanilla Extract, Monk Fruit, Orsa Salt, *Ginger Root....*Organically Grown



Sarvaa’s Conscious Cacao Caffeine Free Coffee:

A delicious, ready to drink out of the bag, morning beverage for energy and clear thinking!


- 2 tsp of Conscious Cacao 
- 4 oz of water
- 1 Tbsp of coconut cream or plant based milk
- Maple syrup (Note: No sweetener is necessary, Conscious Cacao is yummy out of the bag!)


Add 4 oz of water and begin to warm until you see steam and then remove pot from heat (do not bring water to boil). Nest, add Conscious Cacao to water, stir, and then quickly add coconut cream or plant based milk (replace pot on heat if it has cooled to a temp that's below your liking). If you desire more spicy or sweetness in your Caffeine Free Coffee, add maple syrup, cinnamon, and/or ginger to taste. Ready in minutes! Enjoy!

PS Most people are telling us that they often double the above amounts to make a larger cup. :)


Sarvaa’s Conscious Cacao Mint Macaroons:

A delicious, easy, no-bake dessert with no added sugar and packed with nutrient-dense superfoods!


1 1/2 cup fine unsweetened coconut shreds 

1/2 cup organic cacao nibs

4 Tablespoons Sarvaa’s Conscious Cacao

2 Tablespoons Hormone Happiness or Superfruit C (pain point dependent)

1 bar dark chocolate of choice (we love Sarvaa's Rejuve and Renew Bar, or Lily’s)

1 1/2 - 2 Tablespoons Organic, virgin coconut oil

1 Tablespoon peppermint flavor or drops of peppermint EO to taste

2 pinches sea salt


In a large bowl, mix together coconut shreds, cacao nibs, Conscious Cacao powder, other Sarvaa Supplement(s) of choice, and salt. Over a double boiler, melt chocolate and coconut oil, stirring regularly as it melts. Once it has just melted, pull it off heat and stir in peppermint. Pour melted chocolate mixture over the dry ingredients and stir together until completely combined.

To shape, add to silicone molds or lined muffin tins. Once added to the lined muffin tins, push the mixture down with the back of a spoon to compress. Refrigerate for about an hour to allow to set. Serve cold or at room temp.

Store extras (if there are any!) in an enclosed container in the fridge.



Conscious Cacao Smoothie


6-10 oz favorite Non-dairy Milk

3 Tbsps Plain, Non-dairy Yogurt

1 Serving of your favorite Sarvaa Protein powder

2-3 Tbsps Sarvaa’s Conscious Cacao

1 cup Spinach

½ a ripe avocado

3 strawberries or blueberries 

1-2 dates, pitted and chopped

1 pinch of sea salt

Directions: Blend and Enjoy!



Love your body!  Love Everybody!


* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. 
If you are pregnant, nursing, taking medication, or have a medical condition, consult your physician before using this product. 

10 Reviews

  • 5
    Tasty and Potent

    Posted by Davida on 4th Jul 2023

    Ok, been using this by itself as a hot drink for sure. But our new love is to blend this with this company's Conscious Coffee and a bit decaf in the French press, and then pour into the blender with coconut oil, cocoa butter, and either half and half and or coconut cream. It's like the healthiest, yummiest, ultimate bulletproof coffee on earth! It's worth the money and effort I promise!

  • 5
    My morning beverage!

    Posted by Lyra on 14th May 2023

    I love this. It's quite potent for me, so I use 1 Tbsp, not 2. I add a nut milk and then put it in this frother machine - fun! Sometimes I add honey. It's very satisfying to drink in the morning, though it doesn't really remind me of coffee.

  • 5
    Game changer!

    Posted by Lily Russo on 10th Mar 2023

    This has transformed our household! My husband finally was able to kick his coffee habit and replace it with Conscious Cacao every morning. And, it's such a delicious superfood that it doubles as a healthy hot chocolate for our 6 year old. I love it to satisfy my sweet cravings as an afternoon snack. It feels nourishing, life giving, and super aligned with my desire to eat and feed my family only the highest quality, sattvic foods. I'm grateful!

  • 5
    Conscious Cacao actually enhances my life. Gave up coffee/caffeine years ago. My daily intermittent fasting is now broken with Conscious Cacao and coconut cream. Look forward to couple of cups everyday. Feels like I'm cheating as this chocolate b

    Posted by David E on 14th May 2022

    Thank you so much!

  • 5

    Posted by Unknown on 24th Apr 2022

    I am in love with this. It definitely wakes me up from inside and gives me energy thru the day. It feels like a BIG HUG around my heart.

  • 5

    Posted by Derek V on 18th Apr 2022

    Ok, full disclosure first. I'm the founder of this company and just want to say that this Conscious Cacao product is the first in our 11 year history, that I didn't design and formulate and am sneaking into these reviews to just say a huge thank you to Joshua and Ani (the other two owners) for putting their hearts and souls into making Sarvaa products great, making the Sarvaa team so lovely, and for radically reducing my stress and therefore my enjoyment of my life! And I love, love, love Conscious Cacao. (Maybe more so, bc I didn't do any of the hard work. I just gave a few tiny comments on the taste profile at one point).
    This review is obviously not a suggestion to buy this, since I'm not objective in any way, it's just A fun way to say THANKS! Thanks to you the customers who give us a good job, and thanks to the awesome team at Sarvaa!

  • 5

    Posted by Marya Beauvais on 6th Apr 2022

    Sarvaa is an amazing company with incredible products that have changed my life greatly, in a positive way. Conscious Cacao is another example of the high quality, high vibrational food products they produce. I LOVE THIS NEW COFFEE REPLACEMENT.

  • 5

    Posted by BB on 5th Apr 2022

    Ok we are officially hooked on this. In a good way. A really good way. Like always feel good for hours afterward Seems to be an ideal combo of cacao, mushrooms and maca. Plus no sugar. Totally into to this.

  • 5
    Awesome alternative to coffee!

    Posted by Josie on 17th Mar 2022

    This stuff gives me the mental alertness that I want in the a.m. without gitters. Also it tastes great especially with a splash of oat milk in it. Definitely try this one out!

  • 5

    Posted by Daveed on 16th Mar 2022

    I cant drink coffee anymore and have tried almost 10 different so called coffee replacements and this one is def the best so far! both from a taste standpoint and from the healthy ingredients, no junk standpoint. excellent!