Frequently Asked Questions

What are Superfoods?

Superfoods are the healhiest foods on the planet, because you get "all upside, no downside!" Meaning you're getting great nutrients without unwanted sugars, refined carbs, toxins or anti-nutrients.

Superfoods contain rich concentrations of beneficial macro-nutrients and micro-nutrients such as essential fats, amino acids, vitamins and minerals. Sarvaa always sources the cleanest and highest quality ingredients that support your health and well-being! Superfoods truly work in harmony with your entire body! Sarvaa focuses on the "top 40 Superfoods," those with exceptionally high nutritional profiles–especially those nutrients that are hard to get in our weekly diet. Learn more about some of our favorite superfoods.


What makes Sarvaa Superfood unique?

Unique Formulations that all include Adaptogens. Sarvaa Superfoods are specially formulated to offer the highest bio-available nutrients that work in harmony with your body's individual needs. Not only are Sarvaa products easy to digest, they all contain a unique set of botanicals known as adaptogens–a set of Superfoods that includes greens, roots, and herbs that are known to decrease your body's cellular sensitivity to stress.

Over time, adaptogens strengthen your whole Endocrine system and Nervous System, helping your body manage stress, fight fatigue, balance mood, and cope with anxiety. Adaptogens work much like a thermostat in that they offer exactly the right type of support that your body needs. As a result, we find that many of our customers can easily include our products into their daily dietary regimen without the downside that so many other products have. Read more about our Standards of Excellence.

Sarvaa Superfoods are easy to digest, easy to use and taste great! We never contain any fillers, emulsifiers, artificial sweeteners, natural flavors, or flow agents. But don't take our word for it. Here is a partial list of the hundreds of unsolicited reviews from customers. Full Disclosure: None of our customers we're asked for reviews and none were given anything in return for writing their review. Click here to read a few reviews.


The Non-Profits we support:

  1. Eden Reforestation Projects -
  2. Organic Consumers Association -
  3. The Real Organic Project -
  4. Turtle Lake Refuge -
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  6. Stand for Health Freedom -
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Can you store my credit card info to make re-orders easier?

Yes, but for your security, your card info is not stored on our computers, nor on the servers at our webstore. For maximum security, your info is stored on the most secure servers at the Braintree division of PayPal. 


Can I call in my re-orders?

Yes. However, due to the need to maintain maximum security of your credit card info we don't store your card info in any way that we have access to, so the process of calling in your order is much slower than placing your order on the website, (you will have to read your card info to us every time you call in.) Also, please note that we have no way to allow PayPal payment over the phone. If you want to call, please do so during our Phone Hours of 11:30 AM - 2:30 PM MST.  Our phone number is: 970 259-2110.


Are Sarvaa Superfoods low-glycemic?

Yes. We want you to feel your absolute best from consuming our products. Sarvaa Superfoods are organic, hand-crafted superfood protein powders, elixirs, and supplements. All of the Sarvaa Supplements contain no sweeteners whatsoever.

Two of the Protein Meal Replacements, Cacao Plus and Mayan Chocolate, and the Cacao Elixirs contain a very small amount of organic low-glycemic sweeteners such as dehydrated maple syrup, date powder, and monk fruit to balance out any bitterness associated with ingredients such as cacao. With Sarvaa Superfoods you'll experience excellent boosts to your health and vitality without any sugar or caffiene crash. 


Do you use Stevia?

Not now. We used to a few years ago.  But once Monk Fruit became more readily available, we eliminated stevia completely.

Our founder spent years formulating the perfect balance of sweetness, bitterness, sour, salty and pungent tastes, and nutritional profile of our products to be in alignment with Ayurvedic principles that recomend including an ideal balance of the aforementioned tastes. We hope you enjoy the balance. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Are your products vegan or vegetarian?

Both! All of our products are both vegan and vegetarian. We never use honey, dairy or animal products in any of our products. In fact, our unique facility doesn't process any animal based products at all.


Are your products gluten-free?

Yes. All Sarvaa Superfood products are made with gluten-free ingredients. And we never allow any gluten containing items into our facility.


Are your ingredients certified organic?

Yes. All of the ingredients we use are sourced organically from small farms that support organic agriculture and sustainable growing methods, with the exception of a three ingredients that simply cannot be certified as Organic due to the nature of the item. For example, Shilajit, Orsa Sea Salt and wildcrafted Blueberries.

Why? Shilajit is not "grown" it is an ancient layer of the Earth that is highly compressed ancient plants that is extremely mineral-rich and is literally dug from the Earth so there is no such thing as Organically Grown Shilajit.  And we often use Wild Harvested Blueberries instead of cultivated blueberries, since the Wild Blueberries are on average about twice a nutrient rich as the cultivated berries.


Are your products nut-free?

Yes. In fact, our unique facility has always been nut-free, peanut-free, gluten free, vegan, toxin free. Since we hand-package all of our products in our own custom designed facility, we can absolutely guarantee that none of our products are ever in contact with nuts or peanuts.


What about GMO's?

All of our ingredients are always 100% non-GMO. We fully support the movement towards a world where our food is clean, organic and not genetically modified. Our products contain ingredients that are always organic, whole-food and plant-based with no GMOs ever!


Are your products allergen-free?

Yes! Sarvaa Superfood takes great care to prevent any contamination from any of the FDA's "Big 8 Allergens,"which includes dairy products, eggs, fish, crustacean fish, tree nuts, peanuts, wheat, and soy. This is one of the primary reasons we created our own allergen-free facility!

It's much more expensive to do this way, but your health and the health of our team is certainly worth the extra expense. We never use any allergens in our products.  You simply will not find any of the Big Eight Allergens in any of our products. Sarvaa standards of excellence.


Do you have caffeine in your products?

Only very small amounts that are inherently included in the products that contain cacao..


Why do I need micro-nutrients?

Almost everyone understands macro-nutrients – i.e. protein, fats, and carbohydrates –but what about micro-nutrients? In the simplest sense, micro-nutrients are the vitamins, minerals, adaptogenic alkaloids, trace elements, phyto-chemicals, cannabinoids, and antioxidants that are absolutely essential for balanced health. 

Each and every Sarvaa Superfood product is formulated to deliver the optimal level of nutrients per serving. The nutritional profile of our products is unparalled in that they not only improve your health, but offer an exceptional level of balanced, whole-food nutrition that can be obtained in an easy and effective manner.


Are your blends Ayurvedically balanced?

Yes. The Sarvaa Superfood founder, Derek Van Atta, spent years testing all the formulas to ensure that they are all as close to "Tri-doshic" as is possible, and include the essentail elements of Earth, Fire, Water, and Air, and the key tastes: bitter, sweet, salty, sour, pungent, and astringent.



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