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Baily Rose, Red Cliff, CO

"I LOVE THIS Cacao Plus! powder! I mix it with chia seed and nut milk in a ball jar and drink it everyday for my mid morning meal after I drink "bulletproof" coffee. I have yet to experiment blending it in my bulletproof coffee, but I anticipate doing so. The mini meal saves me so much time preparing food, searching for all these superstar ingredients, and it also saves my health! I am so happy I found this brand ! Couldn't be happier supporting a Colorado company making kick ass Yumminess that is good for the body, mind and soul ! Thank you, Sarvaa ! You guys ROCK !


Laura McConnell, Palm Desert, CA

"I have been eating superfoods since 2007. I have tried so many different types of protein powders. The journey to discovering what your body wants and needs changes and eventually you are able to eliminate what types do not work for you. Sarvaa Superfood Pacha Protein and Sacred Strength have been what I have been longing for. I absolutely love the taste! This relationship between my body and these protein powders is the best I have ever come across. I mix them with almond milk, water or use them in my smoothies. They are easily digestible, filled with wonderful protein sources, greens, adaptogenic herbs and the pinch of stevia leaves no after taste in my mouth. (I seriously do not understand why so many companies insist on adding so much stevia to their products.) I wanted to personally thank the entire Sarvaa team for creating such yummy and divine products. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!" 


Anthony Wilson, Anahola, HI,

My name is Anthony and I have been a reliable customer and advocate for your products for some time now. Wherever I go and whoever I meet sarvaa is apart of me and my journey. So much so that if I were to go without it, its noticable and very undesirable.  

I will make this as short and sweet as possible as I am communicating this through my phone. My brother in law has fallen deathly ill diagnosed with a very rare form of terminal cancer at it's most advanced and aggressive stage. When I got to his bedside 2 weeks ago his body had all but shut down and stopped assimilating and responding to any sort of nutrition the hospital provided. I, of course, don't leave anywhere without my sarvaa and we were able to get consent to dose him with this precious life force through his feeding tube. Day one, immediate results!! No residuals! Day 3 his personality returns....he's more with it and better and better with each passing day! These foodstuffs are made from pure magic are the foundation and structure to miracles!

I had already proven to myself that I could not only survive, but thrive on the sarvaa formulas alone. This is a step beyond even that! I am watching the dead be raised! Amazing! Much appreciation. 

Right now we have 3 persons sharing a very finite supply that I brought with me. I am currently going without so to be able to give it to him. This obviously is not optimal. After I am able to give him the full dose of all three formulas, my next idea is to get as much super c into him as possible. My focus now that he has a chance at life again is to boost his immune system.  

Again thank you so much for sharing all of you with the world. You truly are value creators and I am proud to simply know of you.


James Woll, Greenlawn, NY

"The Golden Bliss is something special. I'm happy you guys came up with this package. As someone who has been experimenting everyday with ginger/turmeric/pepper blends, I can certainly say this is a really good formula. Well done, chaps! If I'm being skeptical and critical, I do wonder if there is enough pepper in it. But I just add my own black pepper to be safe and pep it up! I think perhaps the ginger is downplayed a bit too. I imagine Sarvaa magicians are making sure it's not too intense for folks that aren't as hardcore into the medicinals, as I am. I'm used to going 50/50, turmeric to ginger, with a nice fat helping of pepper. The Golden Bliss is less in your face and actually is cut with something that is very slightly sweet. I had a little spoonful, dry, earlier today, and was pleasantly surprised. It's quite enjoyable.

The red powder, the Superfood C, is great stuff; perfect for my tastes. I like kind of tart, high-antioxidant stuff. It mixes well with a lot of different stuff so works well with my style of making a lot of mad scientist drinks. 

The Gaia Greens powder is the least tasty of the bunch, but it might actually be the best for me. I know that it's helping get more greens into my diet. I  Anyway, I'm happy to have it as it's helping to pump me up full of greens. 

Thank you, Sarvaa! Haven't been let down by a single product yet. High quality stuff all around."


Tina Weissauer, Topanga, CA

"I did it! I am now the XTERRA SoCal Champion! My race last week was amazing, I got third and stood proud on that podium!  This last race is one of the hardest courses so it really meant a lot to me. I usually don't like to try new things on race day! But I took a risk and I drank the Pacha Protein pre race.  Of course, the results were amazing and my mental clarity and happiness while running was out of this world!! So thank you again!"


Mike H., Wellness Manager, La Montanita Co-op, Santa Fe, NM

"Our shoppers quickly recognized your line of products as being very high quality and unique. We have continually added new products in your lineup–all being received with glowing reviews. We love having such wonderful superfoods, and appreciate your business model of integrity and stewardship. Thanks for making a difference!"


Don Fein, Los Angeles, CA                              
"DEREK & BRUCE LEE - Whether you are a movie buff or a martial arts fan, Bruce Lee is recognized as an innovator and the best in his field.  One of the ways he accomplished this is by studying many different martial styles including Kung Fu from China; Savate from France; Aikido from Japan; Kenpo; Judo; Boxing; wrestling and fencing plus many others.  Taking the best elements of each style, he created his own unique style.
This is essentially what Derek Van Atta and Sarvaa SuperFoods has done!  He has taken nutritious foods and herbs from all over the world----that contain anti-oxidants, adaptogens; algae; sea vegetables fruits and combined them into a synergistic blend that is powerful, healthy and actually taste good.  With names such as ALIVE  - STRENGTH  --VITALITY-- LOVE, which are herbal blends infused with chocolate, they definitely are worth trying.You might say Derek is the "Bruce Lee" of the nutrition industry. 
Robyn M. Taos, NM
"I really lean on Sarvaa for creating my breakfast - a healthy  start to my dat. What I no longer have the energy to do from scratch. My meat-and-potatoes, sausage-or-bacon-and-eggs partner has joined in solidly for over 2 years. Tom even MAKES our power smoothie many days! (We add the mix to a base of soaked cashews and chia seeds, then top off with a frozen banana.) I am truly grateful. Happy New Year. May we all have more open hearts and minds!"

 Alecia O'Neil, Wellness Manager, Mariposa Market, Willits, CA

"Sarvaa Superfood products are easy to sell. Regarding the Cacao Elixir, I've received incredible feedback from a customer whose daughter has been diagnosed with Autoimmune Encephalitis. Common symptoms include confusion and disorganized thought processes. This elixir has been helping tremendously in treating these symptoms, by helping her to focus, which in turn has given her self-esteem a boost! Another customer's daughter has been going through similar issues, and although she hasn't been officially diagnosed, she has been eating a lot of the Love Elixir and Alive Elixir, and has truly seen a difference since consuming these awesome superfoods! Prior to her "breakdown," she was a steady customer for years but hadn't been in the store for quite a long time. I believe that the Lion's Mane Mushroom in these elixirs is what is helping her deal with her symptoms. Please keep on making these wonderful products!"


Marc P.  Director of Strategy, FreemanXP, San Francisco, CA

"I discovered Sarvaa products during a digital detox retreat with my son and knew immediately I'd stumbled upon something special. I travel frequently for business and have used a variety of protein powders and meal replacements over the years to do what we so many of us want: manage weight, boost energy and aid recovery after workouts. I've done my research and tried all of the commercial brands/products you'd recognize. After experiencing Sarvaa for a few weeks, I knew I was home. 

Sarvaa blends are not low-cost, mass-produced, soy/whey protein with artificial flavors, additives and preservatives you can't pronounce. Sarvaa is part art, part science, all organic and pure soul -- You will feel the difference. Sure, it tastes great (I blend blueberries and almond milk with Pacha Protein, Sacred Strength and Gaia Greens in the Vitamix every morning). Still, I'd drink Sarvaa even if it didn't taste as good as it does -- there is nothing else like this (that I've found) on the market."

"To Derek and the other alchemists/artists/superfood therapists that make up the team at Sarvaa, 'thank you' doesn't quite say it right. You've found a critically important need in our modern zeitgeist that needs solving and you are doing it with quality, grace and yes, maybe, just a little bit of magic :-)"   

Thomas Krieger-Fritsch DC, APC, Advanced Chiropractic Physician, Taos, NM

"In our office we carry what ever works best for our patients.  We carry dozens of different brands and hundreds of different products.  We essentially try everything and keep what seems to get the best and most consistent results.  We often try products ourselves first and experience what the patient might experience.  Sarvaa's products are well formulated, taste good, and are of excellent quality.  In the superfood realm, they are unique with their integrated use of adaptogens. This saves us from prescribing another product to buffer over-training or stress exposure. 

The Gaia Greens uses more sea vegetables and expensive algae like AFA and Chlorella. And less of the cheaper fillers than all their competitors. It smells significantly fresher and doesn't seems to have any mold content like all the other green powders. The product is well tolerated even by sensitive patients, but strong enough to benefit a competitive athlete.  

The superfood meals (Sacred Strength, Mayan Chocolate, Cacao Plus) are the best recovery products I have used.  I also prescribe them to patients that are too busy to eat healthy, balanced meals.  For patients that work hard and play hard these are a fantastic tool to maintain and improve their health!"


Chiara Amoroso, Durango and Portland, OR

"My daughter and I were looking for a nutritious breakfast alternative to use while she is away at college. After consulting with, Dr. Nicola St. Mary, we decided to try Sarvaa Superfood Pacha Protein. It has been two, going on three years, that she has used Pacha every morning at school and at home! My daughter noticed right away that she felt less anxiety, stress and depression. She says " Pacha is a giant blast of nutrients first thing in the morning!" "It's good for me physically because I feel alert and awake even if I've been up late studying. Emotionally I feel good because I know I've consumed something that supports my health. It's one of few breakfast items that isn't a grain, simple carbohydrate, or eggs. It's good in a rush, cheaper than the cafeteria, portable, convenient, easy to clean up after, and a great conversation starter." She says she meets a lot of new friends just by answering, "It's Sarvaa Superfood Pacha Protien".  


Wayde Proud, Manager, Terra Health & Wellness

"Pacha Protein is simply the best protein powder I've every tried! And I've tried a lot!" 


Wendy Coleman, Texas

"I think I can say with certainty that this is my Favorite Cacao Superfood Powerhouse! I Love it in a smoothie and I love it Hot.. Either way it is a treat to the senses... Tastes Yummy! Gives me a Boost that does not make me crash in a few hours. It is steady and mighty! Did I say it is Delicious? It is!!"


Anne C. Lunenburg, Nova Scotia

"I am delighted with my first order from Sarvaa. The Mayan Chocolate is my favourite for rich healthy goodness. It will be on my re order list soon. The Focus Elixir is a nice little treat in between meals. I am looking forward to discovering more great ideas for helping my healthy eating in future. I would definately recommend these products to family and friends."


Sharon Fernandes, Santa Fe, NM 

" I LOVE the Love Elixir. It's smooth and luscious and tastes the best of all the elixirs. Though they all have great functions, Love is my favorite so far. It gives me a feeling of calm and yet vital and centered. I'll emphasize that I love how smooth the consistency is and how the flavors are simply intoxicating. I can't say enough great things about this one. I also love Mayan Chocolate and Sacred Strength Protein Powders. Thanks Sarvaa! You hit this one out of the park."


Mark Tennenbaum, Venice, CA 

"I've been using Sarvaa protein powders and elixirs for several weeks with great results. The protein smoothies taste like something real and they keep me full and happy during my workouts! The elixirs are a perfect dessert."


Archana Roberts, San Francisco Bay Area

"Since the early 90's, I have eaten just about every algae, superfood, & enhanced protein.  Sarvaa's formulas are at least as good as my other favorite (Healthforce) and taste better.  My favorites are Cacao Plus, Sacred Strength, & Superfruit C.  The small bags are great for travel, and the tastes are so good, I can mix with only water.  Another plus is customer service -- prompt, caring response from a person, not just automated, pre-recorded replies.  The products are fantastic -- and -- my body loves them (which helps moving me more towards loving everybody).


Elizabeth S., Small Business Owner, Durango, CO.

"I began using Strength Elixir after it became clear that my adrenal glands had been severely depleted. After years of working hard, being a night owl, and playing even harder, I was tired all the time and had a difficult time accomplishing day to day tasks not to mention my physical job. Within the first few days of using Strength Elixir consistently at 4 tsps. per day spread out from morning til late afternoon, I noticed an overt difference in my energy level and affect. I was much more energized, my mood was uplifted, and there was a luster to my eyes and skin. I used Strength Elixir regularly for 4 weeks at 4 tsps. per day and not only loved the cacao and delicious herbs, but found it rejuvenated my adrenal glands in a way that no other herbal formulation had done before, (and I had tried many high grade organic herbal formulations). I found there is a potent synergy in the formulation in Strength Elixir and believe the herbs work in harmony with the cacao to provide maximum effect. I highly recommend Strength Elixir for those suffering from adrenal depletion or just needing a pick me up. Thank you, Sarvaa!! U gave me my juju back!!"


Monique Dehne, Owner, Healthy Hut, Kauai, Hawaii
"Cacao Plus: Love this product, mix this with a banana and a dab of coconut cream and its like a dessert, so delicious! Its great for my partner who used to think that chocolate milk was the best to replenish the body after a hard workout, now I make up a Cacao Plus for him instead.  
Mayan Chocolate: Has the perfect amount of spice. We put it out for samples and everyone really enjoyed this extra kick that you don't normally find in a protein drink. "
"Sacred Strength: This one has become apart of my daily routine. Every morning I mix this with coconut water and maybe a banana for my partner and me. We both feel like it gives us the energy to get us through our long days. I have also been going through a lot of personal changes that have been difficult at times to integrate into my life but the Sacred Strength has really helped me stay grounded. So happy to have this apart of my life now."
"Gaia Greens: This is great when I feel like I just haven't been getting enough greens into my life or my body is just feeling a bit depleted (it sure helped the next day when I had one too many glasses of wine). Easy to add to any of my favorite smoothie recipes."
"Alive Elixir: This one seems to take you on a roller coaster of flavors, its very surprising, but in a good way. I carried it around my bag for a while, offering friends a spoonful when the time came and everyone would go through these crazy facial features as the elixir dissolved in their mouth but then they would all end with this big smile. The smiles that says "Wow that was good and unique".


Reta Lapenter, Arkansas

"I must say that since being on the Sarvaa products that I feel much better, have better mental clarity in the afternoon and feel like being productive when I get home from work instead of taking a nap. My coffee intake is down by 2 cups as well which is an added benefit. I have recommended the product to several of my co-workers and they have been very happy with the results as well. I am very excited to continue to encourage my friends to try this."


Roger Horn, Woodland Hills, CA

"I first purchased Pacha Protein at a store (but now I buy the bigger sizes directly from them on their site). For years I had used less expensive powders and really didn't realize the difference. After reading the ingredients I decided to give it a try. I was very pleased. First the taste is fantastic. It has a clean fresh taste. Not chalky like the other powders I am use to. It was also very satisfying and quenched my hunger. The satisfaction lasts throughout the morning. Since then I have added the cacao elixirs to my diet as well. I love eating a spoonful between meals knowing I am putting good food in my body. I find them very satisfying as well. I highly recommend all these products as I have come to learn that they are made with very high quality ingredients and are worth every penny. Thank you Sarvaa and keep them coming!"


Leslie Ross,  Meta Yoga, Breckenridge

"'Super Food Super Easy"- Their slogan says it all.  Since my introduction to Sarvaa products this past February, Sarvaa has become part of my daily routine.  For someone who had not been into "powders and potions"  in the past, I'm hooked. A spoonful of Alive Elixir in the am or mid day snack and a morning shake of Pacha Protein/Mayan Chocolate (or Cacao Plus) with almond milk, tides me over most of the morning. As an active person(Biking, skiing, yoga, running and power sessions on the computer) it's awesome to make a shake to go when I have an early morning class. I love that it's Non- GMO, Soy Free, Gluten Free, Vegan, Whey Free, and Low Glycemic.  What could be better.  I am so excited I found Sarvaa.   They are a quality company, run by quality people.  Thanks Sarvaa for taking  your goodness to the people."


 Jessie West, Richmond, CA

"I wish I had ordered more before I ran out of my first bag.This stuff rocks! And I love that someone in customer service answered on the first ring on a national holiday when I had questions about a couple of the Superfoods. First I discovered Pacha Protein, and I'm just thrilled I did. I look forward to my daily smoothie now as I used to have to force myself to imbibe my old brand of rice protein powder, and I had found no palatable way to add greens to the concoction. I also appreciate that Pacha Protein contains adaptogens, and no GMO, soy, whey, gluten or sugar."


Geoffrey Kent, RMCF, Colorado

"Sarvaa is by far the best tasting and most nutrient dense Superfood Meal replacement powder I have ever tasted. I’ve been drinking powdered meal replacements for breakfast (and often with my lunch too) for almost two years. I’ve tried Garden of Life’s ‘Raw Meal’, Vega’s ‘One’, a variety of Amazing Grass’ products, MRM’s products, and a few others whose names escape me at the moment. Comparing them all, Sarvaa’s Cacao Plus is by far the best. I absolutely love the taste of it. The wide variety of superfoods that comprise the blend are unrivaled when compared to other meal replacement powders. The hint of Cinnamon is genius. This stuff blows away everything else on the market!"


 Dr. Reneé Smith, Ph.D.  CA

"I eat the Sarvaa Superfood Elixirs every day! My body rewards me with stamina and vigor, as well as a positive attitude within minutes of consuming this amazing food. All the flavors are delicious, and give me energy right away. Feeding my body only healthy and nutritious food is very important to me. I love that 95%+ of the ingredients in their products are organic. There is nothing to compare. With an active lifestyle, it's important to keep up and always have my wits about me. I'm stronger, healthier and more fit now at 67 than I was in my 30's, 40's or 50's. I eat Sarvaa Elixirs and drink their meal replacement shakes to be healthy while on the go. Rich, dark chocolate is deliciously fantastic!"


Sandra Alexander, Littleton, CO

"I was recently faced with the challenge of a head injury I sustained in an automobile accident. I was confident in my healing process and in the learning the experience would offer me. Consuming Sarvaa Superfoods supported both my body and spirit. I was able to use the meal replacements so my body's energy could focus on regeneration. And of course, being required to "smile while shaking" was a nice touch! Thank you, sweet friends! "


Christine Wentz C.N.  Natures Realm, Lakeside, Arizona

"I personally use the products from Sarvaa Superfood. And as a certified nutitionist, and health food store owner, I love having such a nutrient dense whole foods based product to recommend to my customers and clients."


Julie Shaw, Cocoa, Forida

"I love the taste even just in plain water..I take it first thing in the morning, a smaller amount then suggested then have a small breakfast. I'd been feeling tired as I've been working to the max, and it does help my energy and well being. I strongly recommend this product."


Greg D. Mountain View, CA

"I've been having a Sarvaa smoothie for breakfast and a big kale salad for lunch 4-5 days a week for the last few months. I have more energy and less desire for heavier foods overall. I eat less and feel better. I went to the dentist for a checkup recently and learned my gum recession had reversed course and is all but gone, along with reduced tooth sensitivity to cold foods. I am very grateful to have Sarvaa super foods in my daily life to increase and sustain my health and sense of well being."


Toni Shaw, LMT,

"As an avid athlete and yogi, I absolutely love that these Superfoods may be used as meal replacements.  My go-to before workouts, hikes, and yoga are the Sacred Strength and the Pacha Protein Superfoods mixed with water and/or coconut milk.  I have so much endurance throughout my activities, and they are great for post-workout nutrition, too.  It's amazing how much clean, sustainable energy they give me, unlike espresso with its highs and lows.  As a sweet treat, I love the Cacao Plus!  All of their products are amazing, and I have had the pleasure of meeting the founding owner, Derek Van Atta.  He is such an amazing and compassionate soul who takes great passion and pride in handcrafting his products!  I've been looking for products of this integrity for years as a gluten-free, vegan, and I have found them in Sarvaa Superfood!!  Highly Recommend!! As an avid athlete and yogi, I absolutely love that these Superfoods. These meals are my go-to before workouts, hikes, and yoga."


Caara S. Santa Monica, CA

"Mayan Chocolate gets me up in the morning.  It’s my favorite superfood drink.  I have to force myself to make other things to get a little breakfast variety.  I’ve been focused on nutrient dense foods for over 20 years. As the founder of, I regularly recommend your products as meal replacements and substitutes for coffee in the morning or as an afternoon pick-me-up.  Wishing you and your company continued success in distribution of this 5 star product! Thanks again for your excellent service!  After two years of buying your 3 lb size, I’m excited that we ordered the 5 lb  bag.  My mom and I will be drinking Mayan probably 2 times a day now.”


Doug Rice, Nevada City, CA 

"…. Some additional thoughts. The word I would use for my alignment with your products is re-balancing. I’m bringing myself into a new place of balance… physically, vibrationally… and it is an expansive re-balancing. Your products feel very high frequency, both in their ingredients, and with the integrity of intention with which you are infusing them."


Bob Ross, Middletown, CA

"Wow oh WOW! So so much appreciation for Sarvaa for providing this nutritious bridge! Its become a favorite!"


Bronwyn S., Dolores, CO

"After really intense workouts, I'm a little tired but I'm mostly energized with all of the good things that my brain naturally creates from exercise. These great feelings will last a little while on their own, but when I include a smoothie with Pacha Protein powder in it---as well as some Superfruit C---I feel like I can take on the world! I can feel my body getting replenished. And then there's the comforting knowledge that everything that is in Pacha and the Superfruit C is serving a function in my body. Nothing is wasted, everything in them is for a good purpose. Perhaps most importantly, the taste is great! All said, it's like my body knows that these products are made with love."


Elio Lewis, Tucson, AZ

"I wound up with my first bag of Mayan Chocolate free as a fluke (long story), along with a bag of Cacao Plus, which is also good, but not nearly as addictive or complex. The whole time I was enjoying my Mayan, I was also cringing in anticipating how much it would cost to buy myself more, lol.

Now, I'm only sort of a health-food person--I can't have corn or too much artificial crap or I'll be in major pain, and for awhile almost all gluten and dairy also made me hurt, but other than that, I'm an omnivore and I don't care if my produce is organic or not. So I don't really *need* to buy high-quality vegan non-GMO stuff like this... but it's just that good. It makes me feel great and keeps me coming back for more."


Betty S. Cortez, CO

"I can get really caught up in my day. Before long I realize that I'm hungry but am not quite at a stopping point to put a real meal in me. I love having Vitality Elixir and Strength Elixir close by precisely for those moments. If I go for anything less healthy, I feel regretful afterwards knowing that I didn't love myself as well as I could have. If I eat a spoonful of Vitality, I have no regrets. I know that I'm getting my greens, all of the amazing benefits of raw cacao, and a hint of orange that I associate with optimism and sunny days. A small spoonful will carry me through another hour of work if I need it in order to get to my main meal. I am so grateful that this product from Sarvaa exists!"  


Amanda B. Middletown, CA

"Thank you thank you for making the Alive Elixir !! its such a perfect health snack! Carson and I had a house cleaning party our energy felt so clean and vibrant! Lots of sweet singing playful energy! An amazing medicine to do a project with or spend heart space with a beloved. We were so giddy! Carson took it to class with him (shiatsu 1 and 2) and took small bites in lectures and tests and was the perfect treat for keeping alert! So much love and respect to you for sharing your goodies with the world!"


Michele Isbell Ft Worth, TX

"I became acquainted with your product when I was in Durango.  I was visiting from Ft Worth and I enjoyed getting some background on your product.  I visited your web site and cannot help but feel the sincerity that you/your company feels about your products. I also love what you stand for "love your body, love everybody."


 Peter J. Denver

"I love this stuff!!! I use several of the different Sarvaa products, and I have tried almost all of them. Everyone of them is not only incredibly healthy, but also delicious. I typically have one of the drinks in the morning before work which keeps me going well into the day, I keep a jar of the Alive Elixir in my desk at work for a little extra boost if I need it (also its just plain tasty) and I have replaced my traditional protein powder with the Pacha Protien for my post workout supplement. The quality of the ingredients is stellar, and it is truly amazing what the folks at Sarvaa have managed to do!! I will strongly recommenced your products to anyone."


Kelli Stanley, CO

“I don’t understand the nutritional science of Sarvaa Superfood, but for me the Mayan Chocolate powder drink works like a natural anti-inflammatory. I drink one of these POWER shakes a few times each week and it keeps my finger joints from aching.”

“I’ve been a fan of Sarvaa from the beginning of the company. Now, if I miss a couple days of Mayan Chocolate I crave the sweet/hot chili flavor and the good results to my health. Your health benefits may differ from mine, but I can guarantee it will make you smile more because you are doing something good for your body!”


Alex P. Portland OR
"This stuff makes me feel great. Some mornings I don't feel like having a big heavy breakfast so I blend up a shake with some Pacha, coconut milk, a banana, and some cinnamon. Bam! It blows my mind every time - I think clearer, don't feel lethargic, and feel energized and well nourished for the adventures to come. 
I go back and forth between making shakes with Pacha Protein, and Mayan Chocolate... Sometimes I mix them together. I love keeping this awesome food in my kitchen, or in my pack while traveling. Sarvaa blends are the worlds most nutritious foods, ready, convenient and pack-able."


Lakshmi Selbie, Nevada City, CA

"I am enjoying this protein powder very much. It took a little while to get used to the very fine graininess as I was used to whey protein powder. However, the great flavor and the sense of vitality it brings are great."


Tim Birchard, CO

 "After a very short time (past week and a half) of only Pacha for lunch, rocketing through my day with energy, passion, joy, and lightness! But a friend brought me a burger and onion rings for lunch today and now I feel like shit. Sluggish. Lethargic. Can't think straight.

It really IS so interesting for me, after these years of hearing people talk about feeling 'lighter', I'm finally beginning to notice these things in my own body. For certain, Pacha Protein is a big part of my increased awareness of how my body feels and functions."

And the strangest (and most beautiful) thing is that my desire for things like cheeseburgers and greasy onion rings, which I have LOVED most of my life, is transforming now. It's beginning to have the culinary appeal of cardboard.

BTW... all kidding aside, if/when the time comes, could you possibly be prepared to sell me a 20lb bucket? And if so... what might that cost?"


Anonymous Reviews and Comments:

"I have serious auto-immune Hashimoto's thryroid dysfunction. Or I should say, I used to have it serious, but with daily use of Golden Bliss, and SuperFruit C, the symptoms are about 3/4 gone! And my life is so so much better now! Can't thank you enough for making these products! And for making them so clean and pure and affordable!"

"I just moved across country and have to say that the two jars of Elixirs I ate up completely in 5 days of non-stop driving made a world of difference in my attitude, energy level, focus, and reduced cravings for lousy "road food"! And now that I am in the process of unpacking a mountain of boxes, I'm so motivated to find my other jar of elixr, that I just unpacked 15 boxes and am still going strong despite my usual low energy in the evenings. Thanks so much for making this unique food"

"Gotta say - I got a bag of Sacred Strength last week - and it is by far the best protein mix I've ever tried!!! (My husband and I have tried every one we can!) Also - most protein mixes don't work well with my husband, and he was raving about it to me this morning about how good it felt to get such high quality nutrients AND not feel yucky after. So - way to go, you guys! This is incredible."

"I used these products while hiking over 2500 miles on the Pacific crest trail, helped me save pack weight and stay healthy!"

"It's helped me realize the synergy of herbs and foods and how delicious medicine can be."

"I like all the Elixirs. I think they give me more energy, especially during the afternoon slump. I wasn't crazy about the taste when I first started using them. But it is an acquired taste and now enjoy them. 

"Pacha Protein because it's so versatile, and mixes seamlessly w a variety of my smoothies. Energy, clarity, wellness. Easy to use on the go!"

"Working on my dissertation, and don't take always the time I normally would (and should) to make good meals because of trying to stay on task with writing. Sarvaa superfoods mixed with organic apple juice are a great brain-body nutrition fix that feels like I'm still treating my body right. Yummm."

"Sacred Strength - just the overall well being it gives me. I have more energy, less illness while everybody around me is sick.Keep doing what your doing - it's great."

"Focus Elixir. The taste/texture/sensory mouth feel, like a good wine...then the brain/nervous system clarity and "focus".

"I feel like I have energy that lasts longer into the evening...."

"Sacred Strength is a fave, it's got everything in it! Cacao Plus is a close second. Helps me eat a better breakfast in the morning, and I have more energy."

"Sarvaa has helped me ease my addiction to sugar, especially processed sugar. I love the Vitality and Focus Elixirs. They are delicious and even the tiniest little bite lasts a long time and packs a punch. The fact that I know they are also incredibly nutritious and filled with superfoods helps me enjoy every bite even more.  I love these products because you can enjoy them on the go AND they help curb my cravings for processed sugar. I haven't been able to cut out those cravings entirely yet, but I'm definitely feeling less dependent on processed sugar and less controlled by this addiction to it."

"The Gaia Greens gives me noticeable clarity of mind and energy in the morning. Better than a cup of coffee. Also it balances the ph in my body.  The superfruit one helps my immune system. The rejuve roots must do something amazing because it tastes awful. :)  And the elixirs keep me from snacking on sugary stuff in the afternoon at work."

"I like the cacao elixirs. Easy on-the-go nutrients that have immediate effects. Enhanced energy, clarity and vitality. great products, Please continue with sustainably sourced fresh ingredients."

"I live a very busy life and travel a lot. Having the protein powders makes it so easy to have a healthy smoothy or drink when I don't have time for preparing a meal. I love how low in sugar they are and how packed with goodness they are! I like the Cacao Plus powder for nutrition, taste and convenience. And all the elixirs for satisfying my desire for dark chocolate in a healthy way."

"As a runner, I really feel my body recovering quickly when I use the chophryll Green powder, but doesn't taste that great."

"I have been a Shakeology user...  When I discovered Sarvaa I was thrilled to see a company have a similar product for less than half the cost of Shakeology. I signed up for the sample pack and really enjoyed the Mayan Chocolate and Pacha Meal Replacements. They had a very rich flavor that was quite unique, plus they have more protein.They are delicious and really fill you up. I have now made the switch to Sarvaa.

"It's great to get whole food nutrition when I am most busy and I can feel it throughout my day.  Pacha Protein works in milk for me, but not in water or juice so much."

"'I've just started using these superfoods and I love the sampler pack! All of them are wonderful too! I especially love the SuperFruit C and feel the power of them in my daily smoothie! The Pacha Protein has the best taste too adding a boost of protein when I need it! The Gaia Greens is the best tasting greens I've found.  My favorite  thing with all of these yummy superfoods is the quality! Non-GMO, vegan, gluten free and raw!! I've looked for a while and so happy I found a company I can trust!! Thank you!"

"I really enjoy these Elixirs. I am a snacky person and I feel better snacking on them rather than chocolate chips all day. The products are great! I just need to give them more time to help my body recover."

"I like the Mayan Chocolate taste. Healthy, pure products that feel you leaving energized and rejuvenated."

.....And over a hundred more glowing reviews and testimonials that we haven't had time to post here!