What is a superfood?

Why should you eat superfoods?

As living, breathing organisms, we need a wide variety of essential nutrients in order to function at our highest potential. By eating the foods that have the highest concentration of these nutrients we give our bodies the tools needed to do this. There have been many studies done on the implications that foods have on a spectrum of health issues; obesity, cancer, cardiovascular disease, insomnia, diabetes, inflammation, arthritis, lack of energy and a lowered immune system function. All good science shows that diet plays a huge role in determining how the body is able to deal with these challenges. By changing our diet to include more of these essential compounds we can live longer, healthier, happier lives.

If I eat enough superfoods, can I quit spending so much on vitamins in pill form?

Great question. The short answer is a definite yes!

The longer answer involves an honest process of:

  1. Dedication to re-education.  The supplement industry is huge and extremely profitable. A great deal of half-truths and mis-information is circulated on a daily basis. Buyer Beware. Do your homework and keep your common sense hat on.
  2. Increasing your intake of organically grown whole foods and superfoods, and decreasing your intake of empty calories, and processed foods.

Unlike taking supplements, eating whole foods helps the body to absorb and utilize essential nutrients since it provides them in a natural unprocessed context that the body can recognize and assimilate right away.

How else can I benefit from superfoods?

  1. Increase your energy
  2. Improve your mood and attitude
  3. Boost your immune system
  4. Increase your concentration
  5. Improve your hormone balance
  6. Increase your strength
  7. Improve your sleep
  8. Increase your libido
  9. Improve your skin tone
  10. Elevate your consciousness
  11. Improve your digestion
  12. Feel good about supporting small organic farming
  13. Boost your endurance
  14. Love Your Body! Love Everybody!

What qualifies as a superfood?

"All upside with no downside" Think of consuming superfoods regularly as "getting on the fast track to health." A superfood is any food with rich concentrations of beneficial nutrients and micronutrients such as essential fats,  amino acids, vitamins and minerals..... without any disadvantages. There is no single definitive list, but Sarvaa SuperFoods is dedicated to focusing on the “Top 30 SuperFoods”,  especially the ones that are hard get in your weekly diet.


Where ever you are in your life, you will certainly benefit tremendously by any increase in personal energy, optimism, mental clarity and longevity. We recommend a life-long committment to being your very best, in essence, as much of a "SuperPerson" as you possibly can! Why not, it's fun and rewarding!


Learn from our founder, Derek Van Atta, why micronutrients are absolutely essential for optimal living!



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