9 Best Superfood Tools for a Sexy & Vibrant Life!

23rd Apr 2020


Where Does Beauty Start From?

Let's face it. We all want to feel good and look good. Maybe you're already aware of the awesome benefits of consuming superfoods such as enhanced immune function, boosted energy levels, increased mental clarity and weight management. But did you know that by eating certain superfoods, you can not only feel good, but look good as well? 

Being sexy, vibrant and radiant is a both a state-of-mind and a physical reality. When we love and accept ourselves as we truly are, we create the groundwork for optimal health. Good sleep, less stress, and a good diet make up a powerful tool set for elevating your health and vibrancy.  

For many, simply reducing stress can bring huge change in their lives. There are many ways to reduce stress and create self-compassion such as practicing yoga, meditation, or introducing stress-relieving super herbs and adaptogens into your diet. Creating a stress-free and clear mind can establish healthy radiance in your body and mind, and create vibrancy that shines from within you. 

But eliminating stress from your life can be tricky.  And getting more sleep can seem impossible.  If you share the feeling with many that less stress and more sleep just doesn't seem doable, don't worry! A diet change could be the secret tool you've been looking for. By removing harmful toxins from your body by consuming abundant amounts of quality, whole, plant-based foods you can make it easier to adapt to the stresses of daily life.  Further, better digestion can mean better sleep! Supporting the body and its organs with the nutrients they need means they don't have to work as hard, and your night can be spent recovering energy instead of repairing overworked organs. 

By adding more of superfoods into your diet, you can start to feel the alkalizing effects on the body such as improved skin tone, healthy hair and nails, improved eye sight, optimal digestion, improved metabolism and decreased inflammation. By consuming superfoods, you can put these health benefits on the "fast track" as these special group of foods are abundant in many of the vitamins, minerals, enzymes, amino acids, and protein that are necessary for cleansing the body. When we eat in a way that makes our bodies happy our state of mind becomes happy too. Our skin starts to glow, our eyes shine, we think more clearly, and because we feel good we start to radiate true health and happiness! Adding nutrient-rich superfoods to your diet is a powerful tool in enhancing your natural beauty, which will only result in making you feel sexier, happier, and radiant!

Beauty Boosting Superfoods 

Below are listed some of Sarvaa Superfood's favorite foods. These powerful and nutrient-dense superfoods are especially beneficial for creating optimal health and well-being on the inside and out. 

1. Cacao

Cacao is probably one of the most powerful beauty foods on earth. It's no surprise that chocolate is synonymous with feelings of love and romance. Cacao, contains natural endorphins that enhance your mood, libido, and metabolism. Cacao is the only food on Earth that contains Anandamide, often known as the "bliss chemical," a neurotransmitter that becomes activated after exercise when our brain naturally releases endorphins that cause us to feel really good. Another unique characteristic of cacao is that it contains phenyethylamines (PEAs). These are a class of chemicals that our bodies produce when we fall in love. PEAs can heighten libido, boost energy, increase mental alertness, and improve our level of focus and concentration. If that wasn't enough, cacao contains serotonin, which is best known for diminishing feelings of anxiety, depression, and promotes emotional well-being. Did we mention that the dietary fiber and protein in cacao also supports weight management? 

...And did you know that cacao is in the top 5 of all anti-oxidants on Earth! Last but not least, most Americans are deficient in Magnesium. Cacao loaded with bio-available magnesium as opposed to so many of the less absorbable types of magnesium. Cacao is truly a guilt-free, pleasure-enhancing superfood! Here is an incredible, raw organic, low glycemic, instant superfood meal smoothie mix:  Cacao Plus!

2 & 3  Maca & Ashwaganda Roots

Maca and Ashwaganda Roots belong to a unique group of superfoods known as "adaptogens." Adaptogens support the body's ability to handle stress, which can include that of your lifestyle, work, relationships, environment, and toxins. Adaptogens are absolutely vital to maintaining an enthusiastic, positive, and energized state that affects not only you but those around you! Maca in particular is a well known superfood adaptogen that can enhance libido in both men and women. These roots are rich in amino acids that support the adrenal glands and provide energy. Maca and Ashwaganda can be both arousing, energizing, mood enhancing, and stress relieving. What makes them especially sexy is their ability to balance hormones, which helps you achieve a maximum state of longevity, happiness, and energy. Here is the most beneficial and potent blend Maca and Ashwaganda, and several other terrific adaptogens:  Rejuve Roots SuperFood.

4. Coconut Oil

In our modern world, we are just beginning to catch on to the incredible healing benefits of Coconut Oil that many cultures have practiced and known about for millennia. Containing an unusually high amount of saturated fats – specifically medium chain fatty acids– coconut oil is known for softening and hydrating the skin whether it used topically as a body oil or ingested. Coconut Oil also contains high amounts of capric, caprylic and lauric acids, best known for their contribution in creating usable energy in the body that is both quick and efficient. This quality makes coconut oil especially ideal for a pre-workout food as these acids have also been linked to managing weight loss. Try our Cacao Elixirs for a delicious coconut oil containing treat!

5. Micro-algaes

If there is any group of superfoods that excels at promoting radiant health, it's microalgae. In many of Sarvaa Superfood products you can find Chlorella and E3 Live AFA Blue Green Algae. These micro-algaes are loaded with plant protein, enzymes, amino acids, micronutrients, and antioxidants. AFA for instance, has over 65 vitamins and minerals, making it one of the most nutrient dense superfoods on the planet! One of micro-algaes' defining characteristics are their extremely high levels of chlorophyll, which is responsible for everything from cellular regeneration to increased energy levels and enhanced digestion. Micro-algaes are also known to improve skin tone, promote hair growth, and decrease stress. They are truly nature's solution for sexy, vibrant, radiant health. Find the best 2 micro-algaes here: SuperGreens.

6. Turmeric Root

Turmeric Root contains so many health benefits, it would be difficult to discuss all of them here. This culinary spice, belonging to the ginger family, has been used for millennia by the ancient healing traditions of India and Chinese medicine as a powerful anti-inflammatory. As a beauty food, it has been used topically for skincare, ingested as a daily supplement or added to various culinary dishes. Besides being a potent anti-inflammatory, Turmeric is a good source of antioxidants, fiber, vitamins, and minerals. Turmeric Root is known to even skin tone, aid in digestion, decrease signs of dementia, cleanse the liver, and fight free radicals. Modern science is just beginning to understand the many health benefits of using Turmeric medically for diseases of Alzheimer's and cancer. Turmeric Root is certainly a superfood, that Sarvaa Superfood believes, should be consumed on a daily basis to receive all of it's incredible healing benefits. 

7. Shilajit

High in the Himalaya Mountains, there exists a unique earthen, mineral substance that is essentially a "carbon footprint" of our earth's ancient ecosystem. This mysterious mineral has been preserved in the rocks and cliffs of the mountains of Nepal, Tibet and Bhutan for at least 50 million years. Shilajit is known to improve longevity, sensual prowess, memory, energy, and overall well-being.  Ancient sanskrit texts describe this potent substance to be the "destroyer of weakness," as Shilajit was thought to offer miraculous health and spiritual benefits. According to studies of Ayurveda, Shilajit is a master rejuvenator for the body in that it works to strengthen every cell in the body. One of Shilajit's unique properties is its high fulvic acid content– which allows the body to absorb other nutrients into our muscles, bones, and tissues. This trait makes Shilajit especially ideal for increasing the potency of other herbs when taken together.

8. Reishi Mushroom

Reishi Mushroom is known to have many miraculous medicinal and health benefits. Best known for its powers of rejuvenation, reishi mushroom is thought to promote a healthy and long lifespan by increasing levels of agility, suppleness, and strength. As a beauty tonic, reishi can slow down signs of aging, ease skin problems, improve circulation, boost immunity, and detoxify the liver. In Chinese Medicine, reishi has been used for millennia as an anti-aging herbal tonic. Its incredible ability to combat free radicals and antioxidants, makes reishi especially adept at slowing down signs of hair loss and premature graying. Taoists have also claimed that this magical mushroom promotes feelings of calmness, centered-ness, inner balance and personal strength. Similary, reishi has also been used to enhance mediation practices to protect the body, mind, and spirit. Try Sarvaa Rejuve Roots for a super boost of adaptogens and medicinal mushrooms. 

9. Goji Berries

Considered one of the most nutritionally rich berry-fruits on the planet, goji berries are exceptional at promoting radiant, vibrant and sexy health. These super berries are sometimes referred to as the "fountain of youth," as they have been consumed in China for thousands of years as a longevity tonic. It is even believed that there are sages who lived to be nearly 300 years old due to their daily consumption of goji berry tonics. According to Chinese Medicine, this miracle berry can harmonize and increase the "yin" energy of the body, supporting both the adrenals and kidneys thus enhancing levels of stamina, strength, vitality, and sexual energy. Interestingly, goji berry is known to be one of the only foods on the planet that can actually stimulate the production of Human Growth Hormone (HGH). This naturally occurring hormone in the human body usually decreases with aging (becoming one of the reasons why we show signs of aging) but will stimulate production through the consumption of goji berries. In Asia, goji berries are considered a strong sexual tonic, as they promote the growth of HGH that is associated also with higher levels of testosterone production. There are many other miraculous health benefits of this little red berry such as improving vision, boosting immune function, protecting the liver, and increased levels of vitality. Another unique property of these berries is their ability to hydrate the body due to a high level of hydrogen. In some indigenous desert environments, such as the American Southwest, eating goji berries was a critical component of survival. You can find plenty of goji berries in Sarvaa SuperFruit C supplement boost! 


While there are many superfoods that are known to help bring you a sexier and vibrant healthy life, these 9 best superfoods will offer an immeasurable amount of nutrition if taken regularly. These nutrient dense superfoods are abundant in many of the vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that so many of us are lacking. It's Sarvaa's promise that by consuming any of our products that you start to not only feel good, but look good as well! 

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