Sustainability and Superfoods: Planting Trees

Sustainability and Superfoods: Planting Trees

Posted by The Sarvaa Team on 3rd Jun 2021

Plant Trees When You Purchase Sarvaa

Sarvaa Superfood has teamed up with Eden Reforestation Projects to help plant more trees around the planet!

For every $12 that you spend on Sarvaa products, one tree is planted by Eden Projects.

Eden not only ensures that trees are planted, but employs the very populations around the planting sites to plant the trees, care for them, and guard them...which prevents the population from cutting them down to make ends meet. Eden offers fair wage employment to these folks through their mission of reforestation as well as poverty alleviation.

Getting Involved with Trees

Everyone needs to eat. Everyone needs the basics of a safe and nurturing way of life. Everyone deserves a chance to thrive.

Planting trees gives Life. 

As a superfood company, we feed as many people as we can with highly-nutritional meal replacements and supplements. Why not send some of our profits to parts of the world that could also use better food and a better way of life?

It became obvious to us what we wanted to do, and we reached out to Eden Projects. 

Trees usher in a tremendous amount of possibility at a local, regional, and global level, and it seemed like the best thing to do was to contribute in this way.

Sarvaa Superfood is a small superfood company in southwest Colorado. While we may be small, we are mighty. We pride ourselves on being a super-ethical company, not only with how we responsibly source incredibly high-quality, organic ingredients, but also in how we're incrementally shifting our packaging away from plastic, and now by being a part of an initiative to increase the number of trees planted where they're needed most. 

At Sarvaa, we understand that everything and everyone is connected. No greenwashing. No hype. Just finding another place for us to contribute in the infinite loop of Life.

Why Giving Back on a Global Scale is So Important

A number of Sarvaa's superfood ingredients come from parts of the world that struggle economically and ecologically.

While we've been responsibly sourcing the ingredients that you've been enjoying, it really felt like we could take it a step further: contribute to the ecology of the regions that we source from, and to other parts of the world that desperately need the help.

As the saying goes: "We're all in this together." And it's never been more true.

We know that the planting of native trees can have multiple positive impacts on their environments and the people who live there, from enhancing food production to improving socio-economic climates to changing the health of the soils for more sustainable growing as the years go on. 

At Sarvaa we wanted a way to start contributing a percentage of our profits to a win-win situation.

You Plant Trees

Because no one stands alone, as a Sarvaa customer, you are a part of this mission to contribute to economic and ecological solutions in several countries around the world.

You can check on the on-going number of trees planted by Sarvaa's donations by clicking here. The tally will update once a month.

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