Fall Recipe: Pumpkin Almond Protein Smoothie

15th Oct 2019

Fall brings cool nights and vegetable harvests. And that means pumpkin!  Pacha Protein and Turmeric LOVE Pumpkin.  Try this awesome fall-themed recipe out for yourself!  

Pumpkin Pie Anti-inflammatory Smoothie!

-1 cup Water

-1/4 cup Sprouted Almonds

-1/2 Avocado

-1/4 cup cashews

-1/4 + cup of pumpkin (Add to taste)*

*Did you know Deicata Squash is almost identical to pumpkin? Yet quicker and easier to use and slightly sweeter!  Try Deicata Squash 

-2 - 4 tbs of Pacha Protein

-1 tbs of Turmeric* 

*Anti-inflammatory curcumin, is an ayurvedic extract from turmeric that is sooo compatible with pumpkin pie spices

- a dash of cinnamon, nutmeg, clove and ginger! 

And for those of us not ready to let the summer go, here is our Beet the Heat Smoothie!

Beet the Heat with Hibiscus and Turmeric!

Bottom layer:

-1 cup Coconut Water

-1/4 cup Sprouted Almonds

-1-2 tbs of Chia Seeds

-2-4 tbs of Sarvaa Pacha Protein Powder

-1 tbs Turmeric (again we use the curcumin extract for its even stronger healing properties)

Top Layer:

-1/4 cup Water

-3 tbs of Beet Juice

-1 tbs Chia Seeds

-1 tsp of Hibiscus Flower Powder  

To Your Health!