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1st Nov 2023

Epigenetics and the Destiny of Your Health

Lately, there's been a craze around getting DNA tests done to learn more about any hiding health risks that may have been passed down from your ancestors.

It's true that we are all born with a genetic blueprint, but many people think that the DNA that we're born with has the only outcome that we're stuck with.

That part of the equation is not true.

Imagine your body as a landscape. Is it healthy and vibrant?

Are you highly focused on avoiding Covid-19?
Have you been working on alleviating Auto-immune symptoms?
Are you and your partner trying to conceive?
What about reversing Type II Diabetes or preventing Alzheimers?
...Your individual list may go on.

Whatever your goals are, everything starts with the same question: What is the your context of your body?

Or in other words... What kind of physical terrain are you creating?

Can nutrients land in a safe place to help your body thrive? Or are your cells ripe for disease?

Self-Assessment Spectrum:

First, ask yourself how your microbiome is doing and how your overall GI tract is digesting and eliminating:

Which of the following statements fit you best?

  1. I know that my gut has some real issues.
  2. My intestinal tract could probably use a little help.
  3. I really don't know.
  4. My microbiome is probably average.
  5. My overall gut health is a bit above average.
  6. My gut is vibrant and near perfect!

How did you come up with your answer? Did you see a Functional Medicine Doctor? A Naturopathic Doctor? Did they run extensive blood tests and a comprehensive Stool Analysis that clearly show what level of Intestinal Permeability you have? If you had zero, you are among the lucky two percent of adults in America. Did you discover whether you had Intra-cellular Permeability, Extra-cellular Permeability, or both? What level of gluten sensitivity did the tests reveal for you? What level of parasites and pathogenic bacteria showed up? Lastly, what good bacteria were either low in your gut, or entirely missing?

Once you've accurately assessed where you are on this spectrum of gut health, you can formulate your own course of action to dramatically upgrade all aspects of your GI tract health and watch most of your ailments diminish or even vanish completely!

Pop Quiz:

What percentage of...

  • Your ability to resist bruising is tied to your gut health? -- 35-40 percent
  • Your ability to avoid infection from cuts is linked to the beneficial bacterial mix in your intestines? -- 40-45 percent
  • Your resistance to serious infections, like bladder infections, is tied to your gut health? -- 45-50 percent
  • Your overall daily energy and vitality is tied to your microbiome? -- 50-55 percent
  • Your mood and emotions are tied to the state of your microflora? -- 55-60 percent
  • Your immune system is in your gut? -- 80 percent
  • Your food sensitivities and allergies are directly related to your gut health? -- 65-70 percent
  • Your susceptibility to airborne allergies and Hay Fever is due to your microbiome health? -- 70-75 percent
  • Your resistance to developing auto-immune diseases is related to your GI tract? -- 75-80 percent
  • Your highly essential short-chain fatty acids, such as Butyrate, are produced in your gut? -- 75-80 percent
  • Your systemic inflammation begins in your gut? -- 80-85 percent
  • Your total genetic material does your microflora contain? -- 50 percent
  • Your weekly Epi-genetic evolution comes from your gut microbiome? -- 50-60 percent 

Why Take Probiotics?

1. Life Force. 60 percent of your genetic material is Microflora!

Did you know that only about 40% of the cells in your body are regular human cells? The other 60% are tiny microflora in your gut! Think about this fact for a minute. It's true, 60% of the total number of cells in your body are these highly intelligent, quiet, yet powerful tribes of microbes! Many people that have digestive and intestinal issues carry lower ratios of beneficial bacteria and higher harmful ones. And if your personal make-up of microflora aren't at least 96 percent beneficial bacteria, then you simply can't live your healthiest life!

2. Vitality Leverage.

Please don't underestimate the "leverage" this enormous community of tiny living beings has on your daily energy level, the robustness of your immune system, and even your mood and the quality of your sleep.

3. Probiotics strongly affect your DNA and Genetic Expression!

Due to the fact that 90 percent of your genetics are in your gut, having beneficial bacteria supports a healthy genetic expression of your DNA and cells! This shows how important it is to make sure that the collection of bacteria in your body is hearty and vibrant, and contains only highly beneficial strains, leaving no room for bad strains to live or grow. By keeping the microbiome in your body consisting of mostly beneficial strains, you are ensuring that your inner ecosystem is working to bring you optimal health! These beauties digest the food you eat, turn them into healthy chemicals, hormones, vitamins and minerals. All this is then used by your cells to produce healthy energy for creating and proliferating your DNA! Wow!

4. Bacteria oversee much of your Nutrient Production and Absorption.

There's a new term among scientists: Postbiotics. This term refers to all the critical nutrients that are created by your microbiome. It is being discovered that chemicals, hormones, and even vitamins and minerals are being made in your body by the bacteria in your gut! They not only produce some of these things, but they also aid in the absorption of them! Without a healthy microflora, good health is impossible. Dr. David Alta gives a powerful example: "Imagine for a moment that all of the trillions of microscopic beings in your body instantly got killed off by something. Within a few seconds, your gut would no longer be creating essential nutrients, you would no longer be able to digest or assimilate over half of what you tried to eat! And within hours your energy would decline rapidly. Then your mood would deteriorate dramatically because your essential nutrients such as Short-Chain Fatty Acids were no longer being created, your breath would get way worse, your sleep would be more disturbed, and finally, numerous ill-health symptoms would crop up and you'd certainly be in the hospital running up huge bills as they ran test after test to try to find out why you were literally falling apart at the seams!" Friendly flora help digest your food and they also produce so many important chemicals and nutrients that your health and vitality depends upon.

5. Potent Autoimmune Relief.

Most of your immune system is found in your gut where it is a single-cell-thick coating along the inside of your digestive tract. It closely relates with your microbiome 24/7. If you have a weak immune system, the fact that 90 percent of your contact with the outside world actually happens inside you, points you to the home of your immune system: your gut. The complex microcosm of your gut shapes the health of your immune system day by day, hour by hour, and bite by bite! As bacteria in your gut shift, they shift what is interacting with your digestive lining, and these shifts are therefore directly influence your immune system. As your gut becomes unbalanced, your digestive lining becomes altered and the cells can actually separate, allowing undigested food and nutrients to be absorbed by your tissues. Your immune system (already feeling stretched thin) does not recognize these particulates, and begins to treat them like it would treat threatening viruses, bacteria, and toxins. Eventually, a deteriorating gut and overworked immune system can lead to auto-immunity, where your immune system begins to attack your own tissues. All of this is greatly influenced by the bacteria interacting with your gut lining, which in time shift to become unhealthy strains. The good news is that by implementing a diet and lifestyle that supports the procreation of healthy bacteria, this spiraling health decline can be stopped, and science is proving that it can even be reversed.

6. True Allergy Relief.

You already know that exposure to all kinds of allergens places a large load on your immune system. From pollens to pollutants, your immune system is working overtime. Yet the biggest workload for your immune system is typically what is occurring in your intestinal tract. From bad foods to lack of good bacteria, your digestive system is making your immune system work even harder. You've heard that over 70 percent of your immune system resides in your gut. Therefore, your ability to give yourself powerful allergy relief begins with the health of your GI Tract. So anytime you do anything to support your gut health, you automatically reduce the strain that allergens and irritants are placing on your immune system. This supports your organs and helps your immune system to calm down, reducing the likelihood of a triggered inflammation response which causes allergies. Functional medicine is proving that many health imbalances like allergies aren't something that just 'happen' to people, but are symptoms of a deeper imbalance in your digestive tract. Here's the truth: most allergy strategies are not getting to the core issue of gut health. Simply put, our gut is asking us to rebuild and restore our microbiome to its vitality. Then your immune system isn't bogged down by gut issues and it can easily process whatever airborne allergens or food allergens you're exposed to.

7. Probiotics and Prebiotics.

Many excellent studies show the increased effectiveness of Probiotics when administered along with high grade Prebiotics. What are Prebiotics? In simple terms, they're health-food for beneficial bacteria as they journey through your intestinal tract. We've included the best Prebiotic there is to feed and support all the beneficial bacteria in you GI tract. This Prebiotic is Organic Artichoke Inulin, which is one of the absolute best sources of "RS". RS stands for Resistant Starch, which are starches that are resistant to the digestion of our upper digestive tract, and move to reach the large intestine and colon where they are 'eaten' by bacteria through fermentation. Fiber present in Organic Artichoke Inulin is fermented in the lower GI and is an important part of feeding healthy bacteria that in-turn help you to be vibrant.

8. The Real "Behind the Scenes" Story of the Probiotics Industry.

First off, most probiotics on the market are diluted with large amounts of maltodextrin and other "flow-agents". Why? Two reasons: one is that profit margins increase. Maltodextrin is 92 percent cheaper to produce than even the least expensive strains of beneficial bacteria, which must be grown in carefully controlled environments. Secondly, because government agencies still consider maltodextrin to be a harmless sugary starch and it does not have to be disclosed on probiotic labels. Maltodextrin and other "flow-agents" like silicon dioxide are included in large quantities so the actual probiotics don't clump together. Clumping prevents pill manufacturers from making mass-produced probiotic pills by the thousands! But it typically only takes ten percent of these flow-agents to help the machines run smoothly. Due to greed and other factors, they include these flow agents to be up to 49 percent of the supplement that you're putting into your body.

But when you're using your hard-earned dollars, do you really want to be paying probiotic prices for large amounts of hidden fillers and anti-caking agents?

These companies also focus mostly on cheap, mass-produced strains. Why? Again, the excessive drive to make huge profits. Have you ever wondered why so many probiotics are only 10-15 percent effective? The data shows that many of these cheap strains will not retain full potency during transportation to the store, nor will many bacteria survive the acids in your upper GI tract. Therefore good bacteria will not arrive in the lower intestine where they're so important.

Sarvaa Probiotics include 28 strains of durable, shelf-stable strains that need no refrigeration and are the most robust probiotics for surviving stomach acids. Sarvaa Probiotics have a much higher CFU count then most Probiotics that have a significant portion of Sporebiotics. These are very special SFB (Spore-Forming Bacteria) strains such as B. coagulans, B. subtilis, B. clausii, B. indicus, and B. mesentericus. These strains of probiotics are essential to include because many excellent studies show that they're not affected by heat up to 120-130 degrees! This is very rare among beneficial bacteria. Therefore, these helpful microflora easily survive transportation and can even be stored for years.

It gets even better! These special Bacillus strains also excel at passing unharmed through the acids in your upper GI tract! This means that not only will they survive stomach acids, but these potent probiotics will grow nicely all the way down your GI tract! Sporebiotic "micro-miracles" are true powerhouses at removing any harmful microbes and pathogens you've collected over the years. This removal of the bad bacteria creates space for all the good microflora to flourish and enhance your health and well-being!

What Truly Ails Humanity?

The Microbiome Project versus The Human Genome Project.

The Human Genome Project didn't end up solving very much of what ails humanity. In contrast, researchers are now projecting that at least 60-70 percent of what ails Humanity is related to gut health! The Microbiome Project was launched years ago to accelerate the research and development of this exciting field. Gone are the days when medicine could discount the importance of your personal microbiome. The Microbiome Project confirms that the microscopic bacterial colonies, which live in your digestive tract, play an absolutely critical role in both your physical and mental well-being. Healthy gut bacteria is considered fundamental to overall health, including healthy weight, mood, energy and mental function. In 2015, a Cell Journal study showed that although serotonin is known as a brain neurotransmitter, approximately 90 percent of the body’s serotonin is cultivated by certain bacteria in the digestive tract.

Emerging science is showing that the gut essentially acts as our second brain. Combining the functions of the Microbiome with the Enteric Nervous System, the highway where much of our physical and emotional communication is sourced reveals itself. An estimated 500 million neurons (Wikipedia ENS) reside in the gut, acting as avenues of communication.

Your Digestion.

Digestion is the breaking down of food to nutrients, which the body then utilizes to nourish, repair cells and provide energy. A healthy gut promotes good immune function and produces beneficial bacteria in the digestive system. This creates a positive effect on vitamin and mineral absorbency, hormone regulation, the ability to eliminate toxins, mental health and of course, digestion.

Have your Happiest Gut ever! Naturally!

Probiotics, prebiotics, fiber, enzymes, fermented foods, and other natural ingredients all help to increase your good bacteria and boost digestive health. Probiotic products provide your gut with billions of good bacteria. Prebiotics, on the other hand are supporting ingredients developed to feed your beneficial bacteria. Prebiotic ingredients include inulin, fruits, vegetable fibers and fructooligosaccharides (FOS).

Inulin is a type of fiber found in plant-based foods and is widely used as a prebiotic agent in many functional foods and supplements. Large amounts of helpful inulin can be found in certain plants and herbs. Some of the best are the dark leafy greens such as Dandelion Greens, Moringa Leaf, Kale, Lettuce, Nettles, and Sea Vegetables. Many types of fruit are good prebiotic sources, including Berries, Apples, Pomegranates, and Rose Hips. Baobab fruit is also an excellent source of prebiotic inulin.

Don't forget the excellent prebiotic fiber found in organic nuts, seeds, legumes, squashes, and all vegetables. The best fiber-containing seeds are: chia, flax, pumpkin and hemp. Some of the best nuts for fiber are: cashews, almonds, walnuts, pecans, and brazil nuts. Always buy organic nuts and seeds and look for them in the cooler section of the store, not on the store shelves where the oils can go rancid at room temperature.

Fermented Foods.

You've heard plenty about the benefits of fermented foods like sauerkraut, kimchee, miso, kefir and yogurt, but not all fermented foods are equal. The most bang for your buck and the least impact on the Earth is going to be with all the plant-based fermented foods. Start with sauerkraut. Buy and consume a variety of organically grown, unpasteurized sauerkrauts. Try out a couple of different types of miso; just be sure you don't let the temperature of miso (or any fermented foods) get above 115 degrees (F) so as not to kill off any of the helpful microflora. Another excellent source of microflora is kimchee, which is offered in a wide variety of flavors and veggies.

Be sure to look for some of the new concentrated, fermented liquids like Gut Shot or Inner-Eco. They're much more beneficial and cost effective than most of the "single serving" drinks like kombucha (which are 98 percent water and use far too much plastic or glass for the tiny benefit offered). Inner-Eco is super tasty and one jar makes 30 servings!

Skip the Yogurt.

Yogurt may be one of the most overrated and overpriced "health foods". Why? Because there's a relatively small amount of good bacteria in yogurt, and many of the strains in yogurt are not the best at surviving the stomach acid and arriving where you need them. When you factor in the negative impact the cattle industry is having on the planet and the animals, yogurt may not be worth your money.

Your SuperFood Solutions.

All of Sarvaa Superfoods include excellent Prebiotics. First off, all Sarvaa Superfoods contain both types of the beneficial Dietary Fibers: Soluble and Insoluble Fiber. Your Microbiome depends on both types of Dietary Fiber every hour of every day of your life! You're automatically covered with fabulous Prebiotics to support your best gut health ever! The SuperGreens, the SuperFruits and the "easy-on-the-gut" plant-based proteins all stack up in your favor!

As well, five of Sarvaa Meal Replacements include Sarvaa Ogranic's Custom Blend of Probiotics and Prebiotics. We've been researching the best options for probiotics for the last six years. We have gathered and blended the ideal balance of spore forming units and colony forming communities, ensuring that your probiotics reach their ideal home in your GI Tract.

We've included the most important "Leader Strains" such as L. Plantarum to powerfully strengthen your immune response and bulk up your stamina. We also include the well-researched, potent strains known as Spore Forming Units, such as Bacillus Coagulans! This powerhouse probiotic is considered one of the most important for your lower intestines. It is able to easily withstand heat and acids, and therefore arrives in your lower GI tract ready to thrive where you need it the most.

Vitality and Happiness!

And most important of all is that by supporting your gut health, you'll feel more vibrant and avoid innumerable illnesses, thus enabling you to truly thrive and live in the abundance that is your birthright!