SPAGYRIC ORGANIC HEMP OIL - TRUE FULL SPECTRUM HEMP FLOWER EXTRACT: 500mg - 2,000mg. Gentle Potency. Pet Friendly. Sarvaa Ultimate Cannabinoid Extract.

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Upgrade your Hemp experience to excellence! You'll love how Sarvaa's Organic Full Spectrum Hemp Oil feels throughout your whole Nervous System and Endocannabinoid System.

You get True Full Spectrum:

  1. Over 110 beneficial Cannabinoids,
  2. All the plant Terpines,
  3. All the beneficial Minerals,
  4. All the good Chlorophyll,
  5. All Organic ingredients,
  6. No junk hemp. No junk CO2. No junk alcohol. No junk oils.

This Hemp-Derived Cannabinoid Oil is extracted using the Advanced Spagyric Hemp Extraction method. Spagyric extraction is the most comprehensive way to create the best Hemp Oil. The Spagyric method is more expensive, but we keep our overhead low so that you pay a lower price for exceptional Spagyric quality. You don't have to pay for greed. Only great ingredients.

Gift yourself the most potent Spagyric Hemp. Your body will feel the difference!

Find equilibrium. Find relief. Thrive!


Why Sarvaa is the Best Hemp Oil:

  • Truly Full Spectrum.
  • Spagyric Extraction.
  • Organic.
  • Lowest price Spagyric Hemp online.
  • All Hemp Flowers. (No industrial hemp stalks, seeds, leaves, or stems.)
  • Best Growing Practices.
  • Purity and Potency Guaranteed.
  • No CO2 extraction. (CO2 misses many parts of the plant.)
  • No alcohol in final product.
  • Sarvaa includes all the essential minerals!
  • Free from fillers, emulsifiers, flow agents, chemicals, flavorings, or other non-nutritive junk.
  • Contains over 110 cannabinoids for a true Entourage Effect.
  • The most Bio-available Hemp oil there is.
  • Made in small batches with extreme care and attention.
  • Organic Coconut MCT carrier oil. (Won't go rancid.)

A message from Derek Van Atta, Sarvaa Founder: "Whether you’re new to Hemp or have been using various cannabinoids for years, we’d love for you to experience the best full spectrum Hemp Hemp Oil available. I spent the last four years growing many different strains of hemp plants with the best Hemp potencies. Our unique strains of Hemp plants deliver the finest mix of Hemp, CBG, CBC, Hempa, Hempv, and over 100 additional cannabinoids. We are delighted that we have found the most optimal strains to grow and make concentrated oil." 


Eight Unique Features of Sarvaa Organic Hemp

1. Best Price for True Full Spectrum Spagyric Hemp

If you do extensive price comparison for Hemp oil and capsules, you'll find a huge range of prices for CO2 extracted Hemp. but very few price comparisons of Spagyric Extraction Hemp. Remember, only Spagyric Hemp is truly full spectrum Hemp oil, with all the cannabinoids, terpenes and minerals.

The prices of Organic Full Spectrum Spagyric Hemp typically run about 30-50% higher than the mediocre C02 extracts. But Sarvaa Organic Hemp is priced at only 5-10% more than the inferior CO2 Hemp that is much less effective in your body.

Spagyric Quality at CO2 Prices!

Sarvaa Hemp Oil is priced with a very low markup to enable people with any budget to acquire the finest quality of advanced Spagyric Hemp. We offer our superior Spagyric Hemp products at almost the same prices of the inferior CO2 Hemp products that are so prevalent in the market. Our mission is to ensure that everyone can afford the absolute highest quality. We want to see more people experiencing this true Full Spectrum Hemp without paying the inflated prices from unethical suppliers. Power to the people and planet!

2. Advanced Spagyric Extraction Technique

This rare and costly method creates the only true Full Spectrum Hemp hemp extract. What is meant by "Full Spectrum?" Full Spectrum means that all the alkaloids are actually present in the Hemp oil that you take. Some Hemp manufacturers only use the isolated Hemp molecule, and the isolate simply can't provide ALL of what the Full Spectrum Hemp product can. A lot of people will claim that CO2 extraction is Full Spectrum, but the CO2 process doesn't reintroduce the hemp plant's minerals again like Spagyric. Only Hemp that is made via the Spagyric method is truly Full Spectrum. And only Spagyric Hemp can provide you with all of the powerful components of hemp flowers. Spagyric Extraction gives you all of the essential minerals, terpines, chlorophyll, and over 110 cannabinoids.


  • Step 1. Organic Alcohol Extraction: This process dissolves the elements of the plant at the same ratios found in the actual plant. Beginning with Organic Cane Alcohol Percolation in a Soxhlet Extractor at low temperatures, the alcohol completely infuses into all of the 110+ important cannabinoids in the hemp flower. Because the alcohol is at a low temperature, it gathers all of the valuable terpenes, minerals, and chlorophyll without damaging any of them.
  • Step 2. Mineral Salts Captured:  In this unique step the valuable mineral salts are gleaned from the plant matter. In typical alcohol extraction, the leftover mass of plant material is thrown away. But in our case the remaining mass of plant matter is cleanly incinerated in the lab until nothing is left but the pure mineral salts. Then these essential mineral salts are added back to the liquid extract for two critical reasons:

1. To ensure a True Full Spectrum extract by including all the minerals that were present in the original plant.

2. To dramatically improve the bioavailability of the Hemp by doing a truly unique Decarboxylation that never exceeds 140 degrees Fahrenheit. All other Hemp products, including CO2 extracted products, are decarboxylated using heat for a sustained period at over 200 degrees Fahrenheit. Unfortunately, overheating the extract destroys beneficial components and actually introduces unwanted chemicals. Not so with Spagyric Decarboxylation. It is always done at a much lower temperature to preserve all the essential components and to avoid damaging the beneficial cannabinoids, and to avoid converting good cannabinoids into toxic chemicals.

  • Step 3. Removal of the Alcohol: The original alcohol is gently distilled away at a low temperature leaving a highly concentrated, very thick "Cannabinoid Oil" that holds all the beneficial substances, i.e. over 110 helpful cannabinoids.
  • Step 4. Combination: Finally, Organic Coconut MCT Oil, and the concentrated Cannabinoid Oil are combined to complete the process. The resulting product contains all the plant’s oils, chlorophyll, and minerals in a more potent form than the original plant. 
  • Step 5. Final Result: The only True Full Spectrum Cannabinoid Oil that actually includes all 110+ cannabinoids, all terpenes, and all minerals. Period.

"I really appreciate how this Hemp works better for my pain and inflammation than any other Hemp I've tried these past 3 years I just started using Sarvaa's higher potency Hemp on my injured elbow and I was pleasantly surprised at how well it works! I'm super grateful for this." Stuart Emerson, Orinda, CA

3. Every Aspect is Organic

From start to finish, Sarvaa Hemp Oil is organic. Many Hemp brands are only partially organic. For instance, the flowers may have been organically grown, but the extraction process is not. And many brands don't use organically grown hemp flowers, but add organic coconut oil.


4. True Entourage Effect

Entourage Effect refers to the potent synergies that are available to you when all aspects of the plant are present. As human beings, we have evolved to absorb vitamins, minerals and other plant constituents more effectively when all the edible parts of the plant are present. Only in the last 100 years has our culture dramatically stepped away from whole plant medicine and started to isolate molecules.  

Spagyric Extraction begins with organic food grade alcohol (190 proof) to ensure that the ratios of the plant's components stay intact. Even the minerals that are essential for a true Entourage Effect are included. This gives you the complete spectrum of the plant's potency. In addition to the well-known "Macro-cannabinoids" like Hemp, CBa, CBC, Hempv, and CBG, you get trace amounts of over 100 other "Micro-cannabinoids." Click here for more info on Hemp Science. 

"I hesitate to use the word instantaneous, but the effects of this Hemp from Sarvaa are almost instant. I am amazed at how a quickly I feel calm after taking the tincture. And the feeling just keeps going! I continue throughout my day, happy to watch how much easier my nervous system responds to things." Freddie S., California

5. Exceeds All Standards in Hemp-Derived Cannabinoid Oil Production

Sarvaa True Full Spectrum Hemp exceeds all quality standards by a wide margin. Each and every batch of Sarvaa Hemp is tested by the most rigorous independent lab to assure purity and potency. For instance, our label states 500mg per fluid ounce of cannabinoids. However, each 1 oz bottle actually contains over 574mg of cannabinoids. Although we only use organically grown hemp, we also test for any residual toxins such as pesticides. Note: Scroll down to see a summary of the test results for our current batch.

6. Best Growing Practices of Hemp Plants

All our beautiful Hemp flowers are grown outdoors on small farms at 6,000-7,000 feet in elevation in pure air and powerful sunshine. This ensures that no fossil fuel-based electricity is used to grow these magnificent plants. Compared to indoor concentrated "Grow-Ops" with artificial lights and hydroponics that use tremendous amounts of electricity, Sarvaa Full Spectrum Hemp is at the leading edge of sustainable practices. And Sarvaa Hemp is the cleanest and most bioavailable hemp on the market. 


7. Sustainable and Regenerative Farming

All our flowers are grown in vibrantly healthy Colorado soil in small batches. We know that the best Hemp oil comes from paying close attention to every detail and every step, so we spare no expense to ensure that the healthiest growing conditions are lovingly co-created with Nature.

Our hemp grove is completely surrounded by other small organic farms that are lovingly growing organic food. This means that there is no danger of toxins contaminating our gorgeous plants. The quality of soil, air, and water that nourishes each hemp plant is just as Nature intended it. Using the Living Soil Food-Web Method creates a superior product!

8. Purity and Potency Guaranteed

Each batch is tested by a top-of-the-line independent lab in Colorado for the following:

  • Exact Potency of Hemp, Hempa, CBG, CBC, Hempa, Hempv, etc. (See below.)
  • Precise THC levels, verified well below the legal limit of 0.3% THC.
  • Absence of any harmful toxins, bacteria, and molds.


"My boyfriend introduced me to Sarvaa's Spagyric Hemp oil. He really loves the chemistry, brain-y part of it. You know, how it all works scientifically. For me it's not so much about the chemistry, but really about how I feel. Sarvaa's spagyric formula makes me feel calm inside. Like I'm safe in my body." Evie, New Hampshire

Organic Ingredients:

1. Organic Coconut MCT Oil.

2. Organic Spagyric Extracted Truly Full Spectrum Cannabinoid Oil.

Truly Full Spectrum Spagyric Hemp Oil includes all 110+ cannabinoids, all minerals, and all terpenes. 

Three Convenient Sizes.

1.  500mg -  1 ounce dropper-bottle (30 - 60 servings of 17mg.)

2.  1,000mg -  2 ounce dropper-bottle (60 - 120 servings of 17mg.)

3.  2,000mg - 4 ounce dropper-bottle (120 - 240 servings of 17mg.)

Note: Each serving is 1 ml which is approximately 30 drops.



"My struggle with autoimmune and leaky-gut, joint pain, muscle pain, and headaches are something I deal with daily. But this tincture is changing that! It is helping me grab a hold of my health again. It takes the edge off of my pain and helps me feel like my nervous system isn't completely fried. Excited to see how this benefits and maybe even accelerates my healing process! Go Sarvaa!" Jake M., Illinois


How can you sell Spagyric Hemp for the same price as CO2 extracted Hemp? The short answer is that we're not greedy. We keep our overhead low, we spend little to no money on advertising, and we have a more ethical pricing model. Because we're committed to achieving excellence in the quality of our offerings, it is our priority to get clean and potent supplements to you as affordably as possible.

Which Concentration of Hemp should I be using?

This depends on a number of factors:

  • Are you new to using cannabinoids? If so, start with a lower concentration for a month or two. We recommend purchasing the Gentle, 500mg per 1 ounce bottle. This will enable you to take partial doses easily at 17mg per serving.

  • If you’re looking for the maximum potency, then choose the 1,500mg per 1 oz bottle. This will give you 50mg per serving.

I’m sensitive to most herbs, so which Hemp should I use? Good question. Considering your general sensitivity to supplements, you would probably do best with the Gentle, 500mg per ounce version. This way you can start with approximately 1/4 of a dropper and see what works best for you.

I’m leaning towards the 1,500mg strongest version, but wonder if I should start with a lower potency? If your current level of pain, anxiety, inflammation, or sleep issues are significant, you might do best with the stronger version. Note: You can always start with just 10 drops of the 1,500mg and it’s essentially the same as taking a full dropper of the 500mg version. So you still have the flexibility to take small amounts even with the highest potency version.

What is the difference in the taste of your different versions? The 500mg version is the milder taste of the two dropper bottle versions. If you like the flavor of greens, then you might prefer the stronger version, Sarvaa Extra Potent Full Spectrum Hemp Oil which is approximately twice as intense in flavor as the 500mg per ounce.

How much Hemp oil should I take? Like any supplement, the best way to use Hemp is to truly listen to your body. It's always wise to go slow, and honor the miraculous body you inhabit. Please allow yourself to experience Hemp as a "slow dance." Consider starting with just 5-10 drops for the first few days to a couple of weeks. Whatever your body feels is beneficial. Then slowly try a little more if your body is loving the addition of beneficial cannabinoids. Please don't fall into the trap of overdoing it. Especially for the first few weeks. Give your body time to honestly integrate this lovely new plant.

Do I need to take Hemp Oil with food? Not necessarily. For some people who want slower and longer benefits of Hemp, then it can be somewhat beneficial to take Hemp Oil with food. This technique will ensure that the Hemp releases more slowly into your bloodstream. But if you want a more fast acting Hemp then be sure to hold it in your mouth for a minute before swallowing so that some of the cannabinoids absorb into your bloodstream via the tissues of your mouth.

Will I wake up groggy if I use Hemp to improve my sleep? Generally, no. Please note that every person is different, and while many people do not experience grogginess, some may. There's nothing wrong with you if you do. For those experiencing grogginess, perhaps take a small dose earlier in the evening. Fortunately, the chemical make-up of Hemp does not produce a "THC Hangover" that has become far too common with the rise in popularity of THC-heavy Medical Marijuana. The recommended best practice with Hemp is to start with smaller amounts, and very slowly increase your dosage if needed.

What’s the best way to get better sleep using Hemp? First off, please make sure you’re not inadvertently “making the Hemp do all the work” of getting great sleep. Remember the science around getting a good night's sleep: 1. Turn off electronics at least an hour before bed. 2. Avoid sugar and stimulants in the evening. 3. Don't eat heavy meals late in the evening. 4. Minimize adrenalizing media or stimulating social situations late at night. 5. Don't use bright lights with lots of “blue light spectrum” during the last two hours before bed. If you follow a few of these guidelines then cannabinoids will have a better chance of supporting good sleep. 

Is Sarvaa Hemp safe for pets? The short answer is yes.

The longer answer is that for years companies have been marketing a separate Hemp for pets for two reasons. One reason is legitimate and the other is not. The valid reason is  that pets are typically smaller than people and can take smaller amounts. So lower potency versions are marketed for pets. (Similar to children.) The other reason is not valid. Some companies claim that pets should have lower quality Hemp made from stems, stalks and seeds. But the there is no research to support this. It’s purely so they can make more money and to get rid of lower quality by-products by selling it for pets.

How should I approach dosage for pets? As you probably know, dosing for kids and pets is simple math to do. If a 40 lb pet weights 1/4 as much as the average adult female (at 160 lbs) then the pet might be taking approximately 1/4 of the human female dose. Depending on the body weight of your pet, you’ll probably want to try our 500mg regular potency. And try small amounts to get the pet used to the taste, etc. We can't give  specific suggestions on serving sizes. But you can do your research online to determine dosage for your pet. 

Is there really an advantage to using only flowers, and no seeds, stalks or leaves? It entirely depends on what you want from your Hemp Oil. If you don’t mind reduced effectiveness or a mild headache from your Hemp, then you can definitely save some money with the typical types of Hemp that use all of the aeriel parts. Most people really appreciate the benefits of the cleaner selection of cannabinoids, terpenes, chlorophyll, and other co-factors that come from a Flower-Only Hemp.

Is Flower-Only Hemp worth the extra cost? Yes. Especially now that there's so much more high-quality hemp farming occurring. The cost of flower-only hemp oil is typically only 5-10% more, but it's more gentle on the body and more effective with no side effects. 
What's the difference between Full Spectrum Hemp vs Broad Spectrum Hemp? 
Briefly, Broad Spectrum is not a precise term as it should really be called "Partial Spectrum." Most products labeled as Broad Spectrum begin with CO2 extraction and are further processed to remove other components such as the fractional amount of THC and chlorophyll to attempt to make their product milder tasting. 


Why is Spagyric Extraction higher quality than CO2 Extracts or other gaseous extractions? CO2, Butane, Propane, and Methane extractions are typically the cheapest methods of extraction, and therefore the most common. Depending on the specific methods used, these techniques can do a decent job of partial extraction of roughly half to two-thirds of the components of the Hemp plant. But gases such as CO2 can never be truly full spectrum cannabinoid oil. Only by spending the extra time and money to use Spagyric Extraction will you get all of the beautiful and potent Hemp plant. See question below for more details.

Does Sarvaa Hemp Oil retain the same proportion of cannabinoids as the original plants?  Yes. In fact, Spagyric extraction is the only method that can retain all the aspects of the hemp plant. Because we begin the process with organic food grade alcohol (190 Proof) we're assured of retaining both the polar and non-polar molecules in the plant. You see, gaseous methods like CO2 are primarily extracting non-polar components and only under extreme CO2 pressures do some polar molecules begin to be collected. Only by beginning your process with alcohol can you retain all the cannabinoids, terpenes, chlorophyll, and minerals of the plant, and enjoy the Entourage Effect that our bodies evolved with for hundreds of thousands of years.

Does Spagyric Extraction really retain the minerals? Yes! In fact, the Spagyric Method is the only method that does so. And this is one of the reasons why we spend the extra time and money using a Spagyric Extraction. The science is solid on this fact. No other method can capture all of the minerals. In tests comparing Spagyric Extraction vs CO2 Extraction, it's clear that Spagyric Hemp is the only method that is truly Full Spectrum. All other methods should be termed "Partial Spectrum." CO2 is the most common method because it's the cheapest to do on a massive scale, but you only get part of the cannabinoids and none of the minerals. To make the highest quality Cannabinoid Oil requires making smaller batches with the utmost care and attention. 

How is it possible for Spagyric Hemp Oil to include ALL the minerals? Because all other methods of extraction leave 95% of the minerals behind by literally throwing out the “mash” after the first step of extraction. But with Spagyric Extraction, the minerals are separated from the useless aspects of the “mash” and are recombined with the Cannabinoid Oil to create the only complete spectrum Cannabinoid products. 

Is Alcohol Extraction the same as Spagyric Extraction? No. But confusion exists around this topic because there is one significant similarity. The first step of the Spagyric extraction process begins with alcohol. From here the two diverge. Briefly speaking, basic alcohol extraction is the second best method of making cannabinoid oil, and Spagyric Extraction is the first best method because it includes several additional steps. These additional aspects include a low temperature decarboxylated cannabinoid oil (at 140 degrees Fahrenheit) as opposed to a high heat decarboxylate (over 200 degrees Fahrenheit). And as mentioned above, only Spagyric Extraction includes all the minerals for more bioavailability in the human body. This is why Spagyric extracts are the only true complete spectrum cannabinoid product available.

Is Spagyric Method really worth the additional time and money? Absolutely. You may have already perused the science-backed information that we've provided on this webpage which discusses why Spagyric is unsurpassed in quality, so here's a more "embodied" answer: When comparing Spagyric extracted Hemp to other types of Hemp extractions, many of our customers have reported that the immediate and consequential "vibration" of Spagyric is higher. This is what's known as the "Spagyric Advantage."

What does this so-called Spagyric Advantage really mean to me and my body?

  • The taste doesn't turn acidic in your mouth or back of your throat like most Hemp Oil.
  • The smell is comforting and non-aggravating (to most).
  • The color is deep and indicative of high nutritive content.
  • Once taken, your whole body slowly begins to sense that it is being supported and "held" in a nurturing way.*
  • Equanimity is no longer just an idea in your head, but a reality that unfolds throughout your actions and thoughts.*



Suggested Usage:

Know your dose!

  1. Start "low and slow". Meaning, start with a low dose, and move slowly towards increasing your dose if needed. This could mean starting at 5-10 drops a day.

  2. See how you feel in 3-4 days.

  3. Listen to your body.

  4. Increase your dosage as you deem necessary.

In general, we recommend taking approximately 0.5 ml once or twice per day if using the tincture bottle. 

Here are some other factors to consider when self-regulating your dosage:

  1. Your body size: Consider your height and weight.

  2. Your situation: Think about what you have going on currently. Are you stressed, vulnerable, or really sensitive right now? Lower the dose. Do you feel resourced, strong, and overall vibrant? A higher dose may be fine.

  3. How you ingest Hemp:

  • Hemp Oil taken under the tongue, has a slightly faster absorption rate into your system and you'll feel benefits in 20-30 minutes. This method lasts for quite a while, depending on your metabolism, but typically not quite as long as the Hemp capsules. 
  • Hemp Cacao is entering your system as a food. It may take 45 - 60 minutes to feel some Hemp-related benefits. The good news is that those benefits will typically last longer. The even better news is that premium Cacao will be in your body and start lifting your mood within 5 - 20 minutes! 
  • Lastly, Sarvaa Hemp is one of the only True Full Spectrum hemp-derived cannabinoid oils on the market. Because it tends to have better bioavailability and potency, you should be able to have smaller doses than CO2 extracted Hemp oil. Sarvaa Hemp's potency and bioavailability could save you money on your Hemp purchases.

All Organic Ingredients:

Organic Coconut MCT Oil, infused with Spagyric Extracted Truly Full Spectrum Hemp.

(This is True Full Spectrum Cannabinoid Oil that includes over 110 beneficial cannabinoids. Also includes all the chlorophyll, all the terpenes and all the minerals.)

Nothing else! No fillers, flavors, preservatives, emulsifying agents. 


Test Results:

Sarvaa Full Spectrum 500mg Hemp Oil

Macro-Cannabinoid Analysis:

  • Hempa = 15.5mg per oz.

  • Hemp  = 497.3mg per oz.

  • Hempv = 4.7mg per oz.

  • CBC  = 23.5mg per oz.

  • CBG  = 18.1mg per oz.

  • THC  = 15.5mg per oz.

  • Total Measured Cannabinoids = 574.6mg per oz.

(Note: 105 Additional Micro-cannabinoids not measured due to current technology limitations.)

THC Content Safety Statement:

Verified. < .3% THC (15.5mg / 574.6mg = .027%)

Notable Terpenes:

  • Caryophyllene Oxide = 3.1mg per oz.

  • Humulene = 3.2mg per oz.

  • Myrcene = 3.1mg per oz.

Heavy Metals:

  • Arsenic: <LOQ. (Level of Quantitation)

  • Cadmium: <LOQ. (Level of Quantitation)

  • Lead: <LOQ. (Level of Quantitation)

  • Mercury: <LOQ. (Level of Quantitation)


  • E. coli: <LOQ. (Level of Quantitation)

  • Salmonella: <LOQ. (Level of Quantitation)

  • Yeasts and Molds: <LOQ. (Level of Quantitation)


Passed. (Contains no pesticides)

End of Report.



Love Your Body!   Love Everybody!


*This information has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. 
If you are pregnant, nursing, taking medication, or have a medical condition, consult your physician before using this product. 

8 Reviews

  • 5
    Reliable and effective

    Posted by Unknown on 3rd Feb 2024

    This has been a great product for me and I recommend it to clients after my experiences.

  • 5
    Great for sleep and nervous system

    Posted by Unknown on 21st Nov 2023

    I&#039;m so glad I took the chance and tried this hemp flower oil. I haven&#039;t tried many types of CBD after a few bad experiences. During a particularly stressful time I bought this oil and I&#039;m so glad I did. My body appreciates it and no side effects. I get amazing sleep with no &quot;hangover&quot;. I can titrate it with tiny amounts for nervous system support throughout the day. Grateful for this product!

  • 5
    I like it, even tho it’s lower mg from my last order

    Posted by Vicki Choate on 26th Dec 2022

    Thank you!

  • 5
    Awesome sleep aide

    Posted by Lisa on 26th Dec 2022

    Helps me sleep soundly! If I wake up, able to go back to sleep without difficulty. Started small dose for my dog as well since he started having seizures.
    Thank you!

  • 5
    Amazing oil

    Posted by Terra on 29th May 2020

    I was introduced to this oil to help with a good nights sleep. I was definitely interested in sleeping consistently better, so I gave it a try. I am in love. I now realize it is truly not like other cbd oils. I was given some cod oil from a friend who stayed at my house and when I ran out of my bottle of Saarva oil, I gave the other a shot while I waited for my next bottle from Sarvaa. My friends cbd was quite expensive and nevertheless, was a different thing completely. Saarva cbd is a beautiful green color, &amp; has a robust flavor that is pleasant. The other cbd from my friend was terrible. It was fairly clear and tasted awful. I never took it again and instead waited for my next shipment of this Sarvaa CBD to arrive. You have to try it to see and feel the difference. It is truly lovely and I do find I sleep better with it. Since cbd oil also has other great benefits, I love taking this as part of my self-care, body care regimen.

  • 5
    Here&#039;s a hug!

    Posted by Danielle C. on 21st Aug 2019

    When I first held this Sarvaa CBD under my tongue...and every time felt like a hug! As someone who works in the wellness industry, I have tried dozens of CBD products. I have NEVER used a hug to describe an experience of taking a CBD! What does that even mean? It&#039;s something you&#039;ve got to experience for yourself! This is the most superior, beautiful, loving, high quality, unique and truly full spectrum CBD I have EVER had. And it&#039;s price is great too. I am in love! And from a company whose ethics and commitment to quality I trust, appreciate and love! Thank you! HUGS!

  • 5

    Posted by Shakti Dudley on 15th Aug 2019

    Love Derek’s products so I have full faith in this CBD, only been taking it now for about 5 days so more later.

  • 5
    Really works

    Posted by Donna Love on 17th Jul 2019

    I&#039;ve tried quite a few CBD products these past 2 years and this is by far my favorite. Seems stronger than others I used, and I do like the ethics of this company. They seem to focus on quality and integrity and less hype.