Ultra Immune Booster - Stimulate and strengthen your immune system. Immunity boosting safely and effectively.

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Ultra Immune Booster

Immune System Tincture

Stimulate and Strengthen Your Immunity

Powerfully call your Immune System into action. Sarvaa Ultra Immune Booster tincture is your number one defense when it comes to building and fortifying your Immunity. As soon as you start feeling sick, or if others around you are becoming ill, take this immune building herbal tincture to wake up your Immune System to double-down on its efforts to keep you healthy.

Useful for:

  • Colds & Flus
  • Bacterial & Viral Infections
  • Increasing Antibody Counts
  • Reducing Swollen Lymph Glands
  • Preventing the Spread of Harmful Microorganisms

Ultra Immune Booster Ingredients

Echinacea Angustifolia*, Myrrh*, Yerba Mansa*, Milk Thistle*, Red Root*, and Poke Root* extracted in Organic Pure Cane Sugar Alcohol (60% by volume), and Spring Water. 

This organic tincture is extracted by cold process percolation in 95% organic alcohol and spring water.

*Ethically wildcrafted and organically grown.

   ~ No Brandy, No Sugar, No Honey, No Sweeteners, No Cheap Filler Ingredients. ~

How Sarvaa Ultra Immune Booster Tincture Works


The Power of Plants

While pharmaceuticals rule most of our current healthcare system, it is important to note that many of them were derived from plants in the first place, and then went through a manipulation process to become drugs. These drugs are sold for high prices, and pharmaceutical companies reap the rewards.

Some of those pharmaceutical drugs are incredibly helpful and can act very quickly in your body. But there is a more ancient way, and more bioavailable way, to health and vitality that is much more affordable, and much more accessible: herbal medicine.

Tincturing takes the whole plant and pulls its constituents out of the plant to make them bioavailable for your body to fully absorb its helpful super-nutrients.

Our human bodies evolved with plants throughout the centuries. Your body is built to recognize the genetic information of medicinal plants and superfood plants as it courses through your digestive tract, your blood, and all of your cells. This leads into your gut health and its tie to your immunity.

Your Microbiome and Your Immunity: Food is Information

Eighty percent of your immune system lives in your digestive tract. So keeping your gut full of beneficial bacteria ensures that you will be at your best health. Good bacteria in your digestive system helps you to digest food, absorb nutrients, and boost your immune system, making probiotics one of your best tools for reaching and maintaining thriving health. 

And where do you get this good bacteria? From probiotics, yes. And from consuming vibrant, fresh plants that intrinsically carry the data your body needs to maintain and produce healthy cells on a daily basis. Food is not just caloric energy, food is information.

Ultra Immune Booster Herbal Profiles

Echinacea Angustifolia


Echinacea is an Immune Stimulator. It activates your Immunity to step up to a higher level of "awareness" that an illness may be coming in. Echinacea aids your process of forming antibodies and stimulates your production of white blood cells. It helps strengthen and clear your lymph nodes. It even reduces the risk of recurrent respiratory tract infections. Echinacea is also wonderful for prohibiting the spread of infection.

Echinacea is a blood purifier, antiseptic, and antiviral herb. 


Myrrh is a great addition to this formula. It has antiseptic and disinfectant qualities, and it teams up well with Echinacea to minimize infection. Myrrh is also antibacterial.

Yerba Mansa

Known for its anti-inflammatory properties, Yerba Mansa is also antimicrobial. It is particularly helpful for cold and flu symptoms, mouth, throat, sinus, and gastric infections, although its application can aid the whole body. All said, Yerba Mansa is antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and anti-fungal.

Milk Thistle

Another terrific component of this tincture is Milk Thistle. It is present in this formula because of its aid to your liver. Your liver processes everything that you put into your body, and has so many functions making sure that you work properly that it would take multiple pages of text to describe its crucial place in your life.

That being stated, Milk Thistle can protect your liver from various chemicals and toxins, and aid in healing liver diseases. By protecting your liver from damage, you are protecting and strengthening your Immune System.

Milk Thistle also helps suppress inflammation in a diverse range of immune cells.

Red Root

Red Root is a powerful lymphatic cleanser. It helps shrink swollen lymph glands. By combining it with Echinacea, it works well for tonsillitis, cysts, and infections in your lymph glands.

Poke Root

Another lymphatic system cleanser, Poke Root is an Immune Stimulator and an antiviral herb. It is a blood purifier, anti-inflammatory, and inhibits the growth of cancerous cells


Suggested Use

Shake well! 

Take 30 drops by mouth, 1 - 3 times a day.

It may be more palatable to take a sip of water, hold it in your mouth, and administer the tincture into the water in your mouth. You can also put some water in a glass, add the tincture to the water, and drink it.

This herbal formula can be taken any time, day or night.

Ultra Immune Booster Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is this tincture compatible with your other products?

In general, yes. As always, it's best to start slowly and gently, and gradually increase to a full dose for the first few days of incorporating a new herbal medicine into your life. If you find that you are having a negative reaction should you stop and re-evaluate your intake.

2. Can I mix your tinctures with prescription drugs that I'm taking?

It's usually not a problem, but due to the immense number of drugs and herbs, the research on contra-indications is scant at best. Naturally it depends on which drugs you are taking and what you are eating too. If you are concerned about the combination, please consult your local herbalist and Functional MD or Naturopath.

3. Why do you use alcohol in your tinctures?

Alcohol is the most effective way to draw out the medicinal properties of the herbs. Alcohol is the only way to extract both Polar and Non-Polar molecular elements from the plant into the tincture. And only alcohol extracts all the beneficial components of the plant in the exact same ratios as are in the original plant.

4. How will the alcohol in your tincture affect me?

Everyone is bio-individuated, and your response will be different from the next person's. In our tinctures, the alcohol is quite diluted: two dropperfulls is approximately 2% of one ounce of alcohol. One ounce is about the same amount of alcohol in one can of beer. So, doing the math, you'd be getting about 2% of the alcohol that is in a can of beer.


Love Your Body! Love Everybody!


This information has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. If you are pregnant, nursing, taking medication, or have a medical condition, consult your physician before using this product.

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    An Amazing product

    Posted by Stephen on 19th Feb 2022

    I always try to have this on hand for anytime I think I need an extra boost to continue staying healthy.

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    Posted by Dr. Forleo on 10th Apr 2020

    I've been suggesting this to my clients for a few months. I recommend it for everything from avoiding colds, to reducing allergies and preventing the flu.