Rejuve and Renew Dark Chocolate Bar. Creamy, Delicious Kona Chocolate with Medicinal Mushrooms, Maca, Shilajit & Turmeric.

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Rejuve and Renew Dark Chocolate Bars 

Rejuve and Renew Bars Support:

  • Your strength and stamina
  • Better Immune System function
  • Healthy stress response and resilience
  • Positive mood
  • Your Endocrine System and hormone balance
  • Nervous System equilibrium*

Luscious, Healthy Chocolate

"I was fortunate to be one of the 'guinnea pigs' for the development of these bars over the last six months and I can honestly say that I absolutely love how my body feels while savoring these creamy bars. And more importantly, how I feel for the next few hours!"  J.P. Durango, Colorado

Nutrition Science meets Ancient Plant Medicine Traditions

Seven Tonic Herbs & Five Medicinal Mushrooms

Excellent quantities of Embedded Macro-Nutrients:

  1. 13 grams of Protein.
  2. 5.5 grams Healthy fats.
  3. 11 grams of Good carbs.
  4. 18 grams of Soluble Fiber.
  5. Only .77 grams of sugar per square

Potent benefits from the wide array of Micro-Nutriteints such as:

  1. 106 mg of Magnesium per bar.
  2. Powerful anti-aging PhytoNutrients.
  3. 113 grams of Calcium
  4. Anti-Oxidants.
  5. 907 mg of Potassium.
  6. A dozen other Vitamins and Minerals.
  7. Anti-Inflammatory Alkaloids such as Curcumin.

What is in Rejuve and Renew Bars? 

Tonic Roots: Organic Turmeric, Organic Maca, Organic Ashwagandha, Organic Burdock, Organic Rhodiola rosea, and Organic Beets.

Medicinal Mushrooms: Organic Chaga, Organic Reishi, Organic Lions Mane, Organic Cordyceps, Organic Fu Ling.

Other: Organic Himalayan Shilajit.


Turmeric RootThis adaptogen is our favorite. Not only is it extremely effective at reducing inflammation, it helps with digestion, skin tone, and has been studied extensively as a cure for cancer. One of the most characteristic qualities of Turmeric is that it contains curcumin, which is the curcuminoid that gives the roots its defining yellow color. This active compound makes Turmeric a very effective plant for promoting healthy digestion, boosting immunity, reducing inflammation, and cleansing the blood and liver. This root was so revered by the Polynesians that it was one of few plants carried on their voyage across the Pacific where it eventually landed in Hawaii and is now known as "Olena." It is even thought to have been used far back as 10,000 years ago in ancient India. *

Maca Root: Native to Peru, Maca Root is adaptogenic in that it has the exclusive ability to remineralize the body, increase energy, boost the immune system, and support the endocrine system after it has been depleted. It is also well-known for enhancing libido and enhancing fertility! As mentioned above, Maca Root was used in Peru by native tribes for warriors returning from battle and for women after giving birth. It truly is a powerful root for rebuilding the body after intense exertion and depletion! *

Ashwagandha Root: This mighty, ancient herb has been used in Ayurvedic medicine for centuries. Ashwagandha root has many restorative benefits such as combating stress, improving memory and concentration, reducing anxiety, stabilizing blood sugar, protecting the immune system, enhancing sexual potency, and acting as an anti-inflammatory. An extraordinary Adaptogenic root that many believe offers the strength and vigor of a stallion. *

Burdock RootAn important herb in both folk and Chinese medicine, Burdock root is valued for its blood cleansing and skin healing properties. Traditionally, the root was thought to carry magical power, particularly powers of healing and protection. In the Native American remedial tradition, this plant is used by the Malecite, Mi'kmaq, Ojibwa, Menominee and Iroquois for total skin health. *

Rhodiola Root: Rhodiola rosea is widely considered to be the single best therapeutic plant for supporting our hard working Adrenal Glands. Over the last two decades a growing body of research has found great benefit for the entire Endocrine System from regular consumption of this potent root known for it great content of roots contain phenols, rosavin, rosaries, terpenes, and their derivatives such as flavonoids, tyrosine, salidroside, and other bitter alkaloids to support healthy adrenal function. *

Shilajit: Technically a resin, this herbal botanical is considered extremely sacred in parts of India. It literally translates to the "nectar of the Gods" and is considered to be a remover of weakness in the body. It has been used by yogis for millennia to enhance meditation and focus. Shilajit contains a host of trace minerals and vitamins that increase strength, immune function, and stamina.*

Beet Root: Beets are clearly one of those humble foods that can be easily overlooked at first glance. However, consider that ancient cultures consistently used beets in many tonics to support what was broadly referred to as "blood tonics". Only recently has science studied beets to determine that indeed beets convey benefits such as providing dietary nitrate supplementation, improved oxygen carrying capacity in the bloodstream. And we all know the deep red pigments in beet provide all the potent benefits of phyto-nutrients such as anti-aging, anti-oxidant values, and anti-inflammatory qualities. *



These five mushrooms have been used for millennia as adaptogens and curative tonics in healing traditions around the globe. They promote longevity, vitality, and are incredibly immune boosting. Sarvaa Organics only uses certified organic mushroom varieties that are harvested in the mycelium stage (the youngest) to ensure bioavailability in the body in their raw form. *

CordycepsThis medicinal mushroom is a powerhouse! It has been used to strengthen the body and mind as both an adaptogen and tonic herb. It is thought to improve stamina, reduce fatigue, enhance sexual function, fight free radicals, balance hormones, and help maintain healthy cholesterol levels. It is even thought to improve athletic performance! *

ReishiUsed medicinally in areas of China and Japan for thousands of years, Reishi is considered sacred and a "king of herbs." It is believed to encourage vigor, long life, and happiness. It's strong anti-oxidant value is believed to suppress tumor growth and drastically improve immunity. *

Chaga: Chaga mushrooms are quite possibly the most effective anti-oxidant on Earth and continues to be one of the most potent immune system boosters out there! It has been used as a general tonic and as a powerful ally in general health and healing. One of the most sought-after qualities of Chaga is the abundance of Beta-D-Glucans that it contains. Chaga Mushrooms are a natural Biological Response Modifier (BRM). Research has also shown that Chaga activates immune cells responsible for combating cancer initiation. *

Lions ManePerhaps the most notable use of Lions Mane is its incredible abilities of nerve regeneration and its neuroprotective effects. In the medical community, Lions Mane is being explored as a healthy alternative treatment for diseases of Alzheimer's and senile dementia as it is thought to improve memory while regenerating important nerves in the brain. *

Fu Ling PoriaCommonly used in Chinese Medicine, Fu Ling has a wide range of medicinal uses that range from lowering blood sugar to strengthening the digestive system. Used in Chinese Medicine to relieve symptoms of "dampness" it is a strong immune booster for those suffering from issues with the spleen, stomach, kidneys, heart, and lungs. *

What are Rejuve and Renew bars sweetened with?
Organic Coconut Sugar and a small amount of Organic Monk Fruit.

How can this chocolate be delicious with all those roots and mushrooms?
Through careful, synergistic blending of just the right amounts of each ingredient, so that it's similar to a fine wine. Complex, rich and satisfying. (If you prefer milk chocolate you probably won't like these bars.)

"All of us on the staff at Sarvaa love this new bar, and sincerely hope you do too!"  Derek Van Atta, Sarvaa Organics Founder

The Unique Source of this Rare Chocolate


Here's the fascinating background story of the most exclusive and therapeutic chocolate on Earth:

Derek Van Atta, founder of Sarvaa Organics, relates his personal story of finding this exquisite chocolate.

As some of you know, Bronwyn and I have spent years developing relationships with some of the most unique farmers or producers of rare and potent ingredients. 

So naturally I want to tell you the great story about our all-time favorite Cacao Farm and Chocolate Maker on the Big Island of Hawaii.

First some context. When we're traveling, we like to go out of our way to check out leading-edge farms whenever possible. There's a powerful new trend in agriculture that's being called terms such as Restorative Ag, Ethical Ag, or Artisan Ag depending on the specific focus of each farm. And what I find most fascinating and inspiring is the dedication these farmers have to manifesting absolutely exceptional produce, grains, legumes, fungi, and in some cases, finished products such as ultra high quality chocolate. These farmers and producers are truly leading the way forward to a world of healthier people and ecosystems by utilizing fantastic "beyond organic" practices.

We also go out of our way to check out farmers markets on the off-chance we'll discover a leading-edge farmer, herbalist, or other great producer. Cute disclosure: We troll farmers markets like we're some kind of weird undercover cops, because we're only interested in the best of the best so to speak.

We've gotten to the point where we can tell who is ultra-passionate and almost crazy about quality, before we even begin a conversation. 

A Hidden Treasure
On a whim, we decided to stop by a random farmers market on our way to something else. After zipping past most of the booths, we approached a nondescript booth staffed by a couple in their early forties and their daughter. The main reason we zeroed in on this booth was that my "eagle eyes" noticed they had mangoes that looked amazing considering it was the absolute end of mango season.

We complemented them on their surprisingly great mangoes at the tail end of the season. As we waited while they chose some for us, we saw some very ordinary looking chocolate bars. 

Note: I'm highly skeptical of most chocolate these days for a whole slew of reasons. Some of my reasons to shun most chocolate might be too fanatical. But as someone who has sourced thousands of pounds of cacao over the last 11 years, let's just say I'm ridiculously careful about everything in the realm of cacao and chocolate.

Back to the Story. So we asked the couple about their chocolate and at first they were so humble and low-key (truly rural Hawaii types) that I assumed it might not be worth tasting. But the more questions we asked the more they shared their deep knowledge and passion. 

For example, we found out that their small orchard of 60 cacao trees are forty-three years old and  producing abundantly! We asked all the usual questions about their growing and processing methods, and found out that they are part of the tiny group of small farms that are utilizing "beyond organic" standards. This inspired me to slow down, get humble and ask for a taste.

Then we not only tasted one of their chocolate bars, we tasted all six versions they had! As you probably guessed already, it was truly superb!

Rare Cacao Farmers.... that are also Chocolatiers!
At this moment we knew that they weren't just good at growing and harvesting cacao. This couple are truly rare cacao farmers that are well beyond the new hype about "Bean to Bar." These people are some of the "rarest of the rare" people that are "Tree to Bar" creators. Meaning they do every single step of the process from tending the trees to fermentation and roasting to slow stone grinding their superb beans and also add vanilla beans from their own farm!

Wine and Chocolate Nerd Moment: The Keffer family and their humble-looking chocolate are essentially a Hawaii parallel to the rare small vineyards that almost nobody knows about that are making superb small-batch wines from old vines. And these exceptional wines only go to friends and family. And this rare wine would sell for at least $400 a bottle if it were even for sale. This chocolate is exactly like this type of wine. Except that Sarvaa has an exclusive arrangement with the Keffer family to make us a few small batches of their chocolate that includes our proprietary blend of superfoods!


Why is This Chocolate Unique?

This rare chocolate we're describing is truly "Tree to Bar" chocolate. (Technically you could even call it "Soil to Bar Chocolate" given how great the volcanic soil is for growing cacao trees.)

Here are their steps to make exceptional chocolate:

  1. Rain water, soil nutrients, sunshine and careful harvesting create excellent cacao pods.
  2. Cacao beans go into a small-batch fermentation process. (Very important step for the best flavor profiles.)
  3. Slow roasting, not too hot, but not raw either.
  4. Small-batch stone grinding overnight.
  5. Stone grinding coconut sugar, and their own farm's vanilla beans.
  6. Chocolate tempering with their own home-made "cacao butter silk".

Back to the Story
We found out that the wife is native Hawaiian and uses her amazing skills to care for the trees and plants on the farm in the spirit of Kahuna. And we found out the husband has an engineering degree and applies his skills to everything from soil science to the making his own Cacao Butter Silk for the final Chocolate tempering step. 

Chocolate Geek Moment: Did you know that the final step to making great chocolate is called "tempering"? To temper chocolate you use a small amount of special Cacao Butter that has been kept at an exact warm temperature (usually 96 degrees) all night long to create a very high percentage of Type-5 cacao crystals. Type-5 cacao butter crystals are key to good mouth feel and to prevent blooming.

The Farm Tour Ah-Ha Moment: We eventually toured their farm (which by the way is in the Kona Coffee growing belt of the famous Kona Coast). As we stood under the canopy of the cacao trees and broke open a cacao pod, Bronwyn and I both had the same "Ah Ha Moment."

With our feet nestled in seven inches of cacao leaves on the ground, our hearts knew that we simply had to collaborate with these great people in some way. Then as we toured their tiny "Chocolate Making Room" (you can't call it a factory when it's the size of an average home kitchen) our minds began to catch up with our hearts. 

It began to dawn on us that something more was developing that could possibly benefit Sarvaa customers like you.

(Fun Fact: Hawaiian Cacao is so rare that it comprises only a quarter of 1% of worldwide cacao production. And Kona Cacao is another fraction of the Hawaiian cacao market.)

Later as we drove away from the farm, we brainstormed how we could co-create with the Keffers and Sarvaa. Luckily we bought plenty of the their dark chocolate and I started making tiny batches of  Chocolate at home using Sarvaa's supplement powders to experiment with taste and potency. 

Bronwyn happens to be what's known as a "Super Taster." She has such a great palate for tasting my test batches. And her talent is especially important for this project, since we want to achieve the right balance of delicious taste and maximum nutraceutical potency.

Good News for You
We've been exploring this question: What is the absolute maximum amount of therapeutic herbs and medicinal mushrooms that can be included in this ultra-healthy chocolate without the taste getting strange? We think we've nailed the answer. These bars are delicious and nutritious!

Rejuve and Renew Chocolate is creamy, rich, dark chocolate with delightful earthy notes from the roots and medicinal mushrooms. 

Because we're starting with some of the rarest and finest chocolate in the world, we're able to include a lot of tonic herbs and medicinal mushrooms into each chocolate bar, and achieve the ideal blend of gourmet chocolate with therapeutic benefits.

If you're skeptical that it will taste okay, we don't blame you. But we hope you'll give it a try. Especially if you have a finicky eater in your house, then this may be the only way to get these into their gut microbiome.

Rejuve and Renew bars will support:

  • Your strength and stamina
  • Better Immune System function
  • Healthy stress response and resilience
  • Positive mood
  • Your Endocrine System and hormone balance
  • Nervous System Equilibrium *

How can it be delicious with all those roots and mushrooms?
Careful, synergistic blending of just the right amounts of each ingredient, so that it's like a fine wine. Complex, rich and satisfying. (If you prefer milk chocolate you probably won't like this)

Conclusion: Rejuve and Renew Dark Chocolate is a truly unique blend of gourmet chocolate and tonic herbs and medicinal mushrooms that will delight your palate and energize your body/mind/spirit.

And the main thing I want to leave you with is that everyone so far says something to the effect that they love how this unique chocolate feels to them. Some testers have said "I love how this bar combines nutrition science and plant medicine into one bar. " For those who can feel it, this really is something that can go beyond physical enjoyment and into your mind & spirit.

We hope you decide to try this rare and special therapeutic chocolate magic soon!

Ingredients of Vibrant Biome Probiotic Dark Chocolate:

  1. Organic Cacao: Organic Fair-Trade Kona Origins Cacao Beans.
  2. Organic Botanicals: Organic Turmeric, Organic Maca, Organic Ashwagandha, Organic Burdock, Organic Rhodiola, and Organic Beets.
  3. Medicinal Mushrooms: Organic Chaga, Organic Reishi, Organic Lions Mane, Organic Cordyceps, Organic Fu Ling. 
  4. Organic Himalayan Shilajit.
  5. Organic Coconut Sugar.
  6. Organic Kona Origins Vanilla Beans.
  7. Organic Monk Fruit Extract.

All Organic.   Gluten-Free.    Non-Dairy.    Non-GMO.     No Fillers or Binders.   No Allergens.


 Love Your Body! ~  Love Everybody!

*This information has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. 
If you are pregnant, nursing, taking medication, or have a medical condition, consult your physician before using this product.



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    Posted by Tara on 16th Feb 2024

    Delicious and super healthy!

  • 5
    So nice

    Posted by Stephanie Tompson on 27th Oct 2021

    Even though I'm on a budget, these bars are so good for me I decide to allocate the funds to buy these. I don't know if I can go back to any of the other good chocolate bars I used to love so much. These just feel so good to my body from the moment I take a bite and for many hours after. Thanks to this company for doing these.