Anti-Inflame - Herbal Deep Inflammation Relief, Increase Mobility, More Restful Sleep

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A Tincture for Soothing Systemic Inflammation

Find Deep Inflammation Relief

Cool the flame of inflammation throughout your body in order to function at a higher level each day. Sarvaa Anti-Inflame tincture is a mighty aid when it comes to relieving your body from excessive inflammation.

Useful for:

  • Easing Systemic Inflammation
  • Reducing Joint Stiffness
  • Increasing Mobility
  • More Restful Sleep
  • Decreasing Inflammation in Your Gut
  • Relieving Auto-Immune Flare-Ups

What's Inside: *Boswellia, *Cat's Claw, *Turmeric, *Ginger, *Devil's Claw, *Red Root, and *Willow Bark extracted in Organic Pure Cane Alcohol (60% per volume), and Spring Water.

This organic tincture is extracted by cold pressed percolation in 95% organic alcohol and spring water.

*Ethically wildcrafted and organically grown.

No Brandy, No Sugar, No Honey, No Sweeteners, No Cheap Filler Ingredients. ~

"I really love this anti-inflammatory tincture. I take it a couple times a day and before bed depending on how I feel. It's helping me gradually get my range of motion back, and I really appreciate that." J.B., Independence, MO


Helpful Tips for Reducing Inflammation 

These first four actions start with your mind and then influence your body. If you can noticeably reduce stress in your mind, you'll see that you'll also be giving your Inflammation Response a chance to stay in a healthier range:

  • Turn complaints into gratitudes, as sincerely as you can.
  • Spread love and kindness whenever possible!
  • Avoid people and news sources who spread excess fear.
  • Remember to smile and laugh often!

These next reminders will keep your body in a state of less runaway inflammation:

  • Consume as little sugar, refined white flour, and alcohol as possible.
  • Eat more vegetables and darkly-hued greens than usual.
  • Get fresh air at least twice a day. This includes getting some sunshine in safe amounts.
  • Enjoy fun exercise, especially the kind that gets your heart rate up without feeling like a chore.
  • Rest and take breaks when you can.
  • Eat whole-food Vitamin C from sources like Camu berries, bell peppers, and kale. (Whole-food Vitamin C is much more bioavailable than supplements that have been made from ascorbic acid...which is made from GMO corn.)
  • Rarely over-eat, especially in the evenings.
  • Drink plenty of water... it keeps things moving!

How Sarvaa Anti-Inflame Tincture Works


The Power of Plants

While pharmaceuticals rule most of our current healthcare system, it is important to note that many of them were derived from plants in the first place, and then went through a manipulation process to become drugs. These drugs are sold for high prices, and pharmaceutical companies get richer by the moment.

Some of those pharmaceutical drugs are incredibly helpful and can act very quickly in your body. But there is a more ancient way---and more bioavailable way---to health and vitality that is much more affordable, and much more accessible: herbal medicine.

Tincturing takes the whole plant, and pulls its constituents out of the plant to make them bioavailable for your body to fully absorb its helpful super-nutrients. Why is this so overlooked? It simply isn't as profitable in our capitalistic paradigm.

But the power is there. Our human bodies evolved with plants throughout the centuries. Your body is built to recognize the genetic information of medicinal plants and superfood plants as they course through your digestive tract, your blood, and all of your cells. This leads into your gut health and its tie to your inflammation response...

Your Microbiome and Your Inflammation Response: Food is Information

Your gut microflora (or your microbiome) is incredibly crucial to every aspect of your body's functioning, including what levels of inflammation you may be experiencing. Your microbiome and inflammation responses are directly linked to each other. What does this really mean?

Eat foods that are high in resistant starches and fiber, like fresh vegetables. Also include probiotics in your diet. Keeping your gut full of beneficial bacteria ensures that you will be at your best health. Good bacteria in your digestive system helps you to properly digest food, absorb nutrients, boost your immune system, and reduce inflammation throughout your body...from your joints to internal organ inflammation.

Food is information, not just caloric energy. Consider this over-simplified analogy: If your body is like a computer (the hardware), then food is like the software. If you add food to your diet that has little nutritional content or "dead" food, like processed and refined items, then your body may eventually "crash." And that could look like anything from lack of energy to a chronic disease. Consuming vibrant, fresh food---especially colorful plants and high-quality sporebiotics---intrinsically carries the data your body needs to maintain and produce healthy cells on a daily basis. Food is not just caloric energy, food is information.

Sarvaa Anti-Inflame Herbal Profiles



Boswellia (also called Frankincense) has been tried-and-true over time as an incredible anti-inflammatory plant. Boswellia's dried resin is the part that most commonly gets used for its benefits. It has been known to bring relief from pain and has anti-arthritic components. It is especially helpful for chronic inflammation.  

Cat's Claw

A potent vine that grows in the Amazon, Cat's Claw has traditional and modern uses in helping reduce inflammation in your gut and in your joints and muscles. Its bark and roots are the parts that are made into teas or tinctures for medicinal purposes. It also has mild antimicrobial properties and can help boost immunity. Cat's Claw can be complementary with other treatments for degenerative diseases.


Probably the most popular anti-inflammatory adaptogenic root is Turmeric. Its potent ability to reduce inflammation and ease chronic pain makes it useful for treating arthritis and a number of chronic inflammatory disorders.

It is the "curcuminoids" in Turmeric that give it the ability to bring your body into homeostasis. It can aid in up-regulating your systems when you feel like parts of your body may be feeling some deficiencies. When you're feeling like your body is working over-time to cope with inflammation and other issues, Turmeric is great at down-regulating you back to a more functional state.

According to Easley and Horne, Turmeric is one of the few anti-inflammatories that can cross the brain-blood barrier. Studies have shown that Turmeric is effective for inflammation-induced depression.


Ginger finds its way into our formula for its anti-inflammatory properties. But it also has other amazing benefits like reducing nausea, relieving pain, and is useful as a digestive tonic that has carminative effects. Studies have shown that Ginger is as effective as ibuprofen for reducing pain and inflammation.

Devil's Claw

In modern herbalism, Devil's Claw is brought in as an potent anti-inflammatory and as a pain reliever. The root of it is used for medicinal purposes, and is helpful for a range of conditions: from arthritis to low back pain to fibromyalgia. Because of its strong anti-inflammatory constituents, it especially helps to increase mobility in your joints.

Red Root

A powerful lymphatic cleanser, Red Root helps shrink swollen lymph nodes and reduces an enlarged spleen. Your lymphatic system may be working overtime and your spleen can get enlarged due to inflammatory diseases such as sarcoidosis, lupus, and rheumatoid arthritis. Red Root, while not a cure, can be a relief for some of the symptoms of these diseases and others like them.

Willow Bark

Willow Bark has long been used for pain, fevers, and inflammation. Its active compound, salicin, is the original source of the synthetic derivative aspirin. Gentler than aspirin, Willow Bark is less likely to cause stomach issues. 

Anti-Inflame Ingredients

*Boswellia, *Cat's Claw, *Turmeric, *Ginger, *Devil's Claw, *Red Root, and *Willow Bark extracted in Organic Pure Cane Alcohol (60% per volume), and Spring Water.

This organic tincture is extracted by cold pressed percolation in 95% organic alcohol and spring water.

*Ethically wildcrafted and organically grown.

~ No Brandy, No Sugar, No Honey, No Sweeteners, No Cheap Filler Ingredients. ~

Suggested Use:

Shake Well!

Take 30 drops by mouth, 1 - 3 times a day.

It may be more palatable to take a sip of water, hold it in your mouth, and administer the tincture into the water in your mouth. You can also put some water in a glass, add the tincture to the water, and drink it.

This herbal formula can be taken any time, day or night.

Anti-Inflame Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a tincture?

Herbal medicine is one of the most ancient practices of the healing arts. The plants come straight from the Earth, and are either dried or used fresh for the tincturing process. Tincturing is usually very straight-forward: the medicinal herbs are placed in organic alcohol to let their constituents fully seep into the alcohol. After some time, the plant material is strained leaving a highly remedy-rich liquid. Spring water is added to dilute some of the “fire” of the alcohol in your mouth.

2. Is this tincture compatible with your other products?

In general, yes. As always, it's best to start slowly and gently, and gradually increase to a full dose for the first few days of incorporating a new herbal medicine into your life. If you find that you are having a negative reaction should you stop and re-evaluate your intake.

3. Can I combine your tinctures with prescription drugs that I'm taking?

It's usually not a problem, but due to the immense number of drugs and herbs, the research on contra-indications is scant at best. Naturally it depends on which drugs you are taking and what you are eating too. If you are concerned about the combination, please consult your local herbalist and Functional MD or Naturopath.

4. Why do you use alcohol in your tinctures?

Alcohol is the most effective way to draw out the medicinal properties of the herbs. Alcohol is the only way to extract both Polar and Non-Polar molecular elements from the plant into the tincture. And only alcohol extracts all the beneficial components of the plant in the exact same ratios as are in the original plant.

5. How will the alcohol in your tincture affect me?

Everyone is bio-individuated, and your response will be different from the next person's. In our tinctures, the alcohol is quite diluted: two dropperfulls is approximately 2% of one ounce of alcohol. One ounce is about the same amount of alcohol in one can of beer. So, doing the math, you'd be getting about 2% of the alcohol that is in a can of beer.

6. Are these herbs safe for children and pets?

Typically, this isn't an issue. Please take into account the size of your child or pet. We also strongly advise that you consult your local herbalist before doing so.  

7. Why does my body create inflammation?

Inflammation is your body's normal response to handle infections and/or stress. Inflammation is a key part of your Immunity. It's only when your system is overworked that it inflammation gets out of hand, and starts to create pain and discomfort. To learn more about inflammation, please check out this blog post.

Love Your Body! Love Everybody!

This information has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. If you are pregnant, nursing, taking medication, or have a medical condition, consult your physician before using this product.

4 Reviews

  • 5
    Potent and effective

    Posted by Donald davis on 28th Apr 2023

    I have to admit I am totally hooked on this one. Even though it’s kind of spendy I probably use it a good five days a week. Sometimes I even rub it on topically when I’ve got a lot of pain and inflammation. Glad this exists.

  • 5
    love it

    Posted by Ramy on 5th Apr 2022

    I take this at least 4 days a week in the normal way internally. But I also find it super helpful to rub a lot on a chronic part of my low back and sacrum area and I love it. At first I thought it was too expensive but now it's totally worth it.

  • 5
    Anti-inflammatory Tincture

    Posted by Sima on 29th Nov 2020

    I bought this tincture about a couple months ago. I have inflammation in my body. I’m a sloppy supplement taker!:) so even though the tincture helped me feel better in my body I wasn’t taking it after couple times. Last week my inflammation was very high and I was miserable so I remembered about the tincture. I took it and boy, didn’t I feel different!!! But then I thought maybe it's bc that day I was eating healthier (which of course helps). But yesterday I took it again, and I felt a big difference even though my diet was not the best! So I’m confident this works for me!:)
    Also I really like the founder of the company I listened to his interview online and felt honesty and good intention. I love the letter they send w their supplements, reminding us intentions and diet r important so they r not making egoic claims . I truly feel this is a good honest company and I’m happy I am their customer!
    This tincture is working for me! Thank you Sarvaa!

  • 5
    Strong stuff

    Posted by Rachael B on 11th Jun 2020

    Hi find this very helpful for reducing my general inflammation. It has a strong flavor so I squirt two droppers full into a little shot of water.