shilajit.jpgSuper Shilajit

  • One of the most important sources of trace elements and minerals!
  • Increase strength, stamina, and immune system function!
  • Antioxidants galore!
  • There’s really nothing quite like it. Part mineral, part vegetable!

Shilajit literally means “Nectar of God”. In parts of northern India it is refered to as the “remover of weakness”. How is this strange looking resin the nectar of God? This blackish brown resin is actually composed of centuries of decomposed plants that are full of vitamins and minerals. Found in the Himalayan mountains, yogis have used this substance as a food during meditation. Shilajit is typically found in the summer when the temperatures rise and the resin can ooze out of the rock formations in the Himalayas.

Shilajit, like many of our ingredients, is a powerful adaptogen and is full of antioxidants. Adaptogens are amazing because of their ability to provide a balance for your body's systems – they ‘read’ your cells and provide help where your body needs it most. The antioxidants help fight free radicals and oxidation (damage) of your body’s cells. 

This potent mineral also benefits the kidney and urinary tract, supports libido and reproductive system revitalization, increases vitality and stamina, enhances the potency of other herbs, and supports the healthy absorption of nutrients.