cacao.jpgThe Truth about Cacao and Chocolate! 

Have you ever dreamed of a food that would taste good, make you feel and look good, and have everything that your body needed at the same time? Look no further; your childhood fantasies of eating dessert for dinner are coming true! Cacao, which is actually a beautiful seed hidden inside the wonderful fruit pod (see photo on left) that hangs from a jungle tree called the Theobroma Cacao tree.

What’s even better is that the cacao seeds requires little or no processing to be delicious!

All Chocolate begins as Cacao. The reason many consider chocolate to be ‘junk’ food, is because most chocolate has been overly cooked, milled, pressed, refined, and then has sugar, milk and preservatives added to it. Cacao, in its raw and natural form, is not a junk food at all, but rather a true SuperFood that is extremely beneficial to the body and a tasty delight. In fact, we say that Cacao belongs on your "Top 20" list of the worlds most beneficial superfoods!

Dr. Beatrice Golomb, Associate Professor of Medicine at University of California, San Diego, has published a study linking regular chocolate consumption with a lower BMI (Body Mass Index). Golomb and her team surveyed 1,018 men and women aged 20 to 85 years old about their weekly food intake. Those who reported that they ate chocolate more frequently had lower BMIs. Even more surprisingly, the lower BMI group did not report eating fewer calories or exercising more than their heavier counterparts in the study. Chocolate has shown positive metabolic associations with blood pressure (BP) and is rich in antioxidant phytonutrients like catechins that could contribute to favorable relationships between chocolate consumption in relation to insulin sensitivity and blood pressure.

Cacao contains the highest concentration of antioxidants of any food in the world, more
than red wine, blueberries, acai, pomegranates, and goji berries combined! (Wolfe,
2009). It’s worth eating raw cacao for this reason alone. But wait, it gets better!

Additionally, Cacao is one of the best sources of easy-to-digest magnesium. And not just one of the greatest quantity (ounce for ounce) sources of Magnesium but also one of the most bioavailable. Common sense reminds us that our bodies evolved for tens of thousands of years eating food in its natural state, and therefore your body is looking for nutrients in a "bundle" with other nutrients, not isolated in a factory. We believe that your body can typically absorb minerals more easily the way nature has provided them. And Cacao certainly provides a great deal of Magnesium in a wonderfully tasty package! Magnesium supports the heart, increases brainpower (makes the synapses very happy), and is essential for strong bone development. Gradually it’s being understood that Magnesium is one of the most deficient minerals in the average human. Oh and don’t forget how helpful “Magic Magnesium” is one of nature’s best aids for healthy bowel movement.

Cacao is rich in iron, ensuring healthy blood, and also Chromium, which helps the body
stabilize its blood sugar. Manganese, which facilitates healthy hemoglobin production,
and zinc are also present within Cacao. This helps the body’s immune system, liver,
pancreas, and much more. Now for the best part! Vitamin C, Omega 6 fatty acids,
copper, phenylethylamine, anandamide, tryptophan are all found in raw Cacao. We hear
about Vitamin C, Omega fatty acids, and even copper frequently. But phenylethylamine
is quite special. According to Zak Martin-Kilgour, this natural amine is a neurotransmitter
known as the love molecule! Additionally, it is an appetite suppressant, and it helps
the mind and body feel focused and alert. It is also the only food that contains
Anandamide, producing endorphins, and creates the same feeling of bliss that one can
feel after exercise. (Cacao is actually associated with weight loss!)

Tryptophan activates serotonin in the brain, contributing to elevated moods and less stress. Cacao contains fiber and theobromine, which is different from caffeine (many people believe that cacao has caffeine, which contrarily, it does not). Theobromine promotes heart health and prevents cavities!

Basically, if you want to live a long life, feel happy, feel loved, and full of energy,
eat Cacao. You are now beginning to understand why people have revered this food
for thousands of years. In fact, the Mayan and Aztec cultures used Cacao instead of
gold. So when you go to buy your next bag of Cacao nibs, Sarvaa SuperFood, or a dark
chocolate bar, remember what each bite contains! Your body will love you and you will
love life.

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                                                         Love Your Body!   Love Everybody!