Time Saving Meals


We blend the highest quality organic, whole foods available so you don’t have to.  Whether you’re stuck in an airport, rushing kids out the door or don’t have time for lunch before a meeting, Sarvaa Superfood meals are nutritious, handy, portable and ready in 2 minutes!

Whether you'

  • Too busy to eat well,
  • Traveling often,
  • An athlete looking for easy-to-digest snacks and light meals,
  • Looking to optimize your weight by replacing typical fast food with FAST SuperFood,

...we've got you covered.

 Here's what we recommend to save time and improve your life:

Pacha Protein

With a unique blend of plant-based protein, 13 supergreens, 110% RDA vitamin C, and a subtle taste of cinnamon and vanilla, Pacha Protein has other protein powders beat. With 12g of easy to digest plant protein per serving, Pacha Protein is the perfect meal replacement when you're on the go or wanting to manage your weight. Pacha Protein tastes great mixed with milk or added to your favorite smoothie. 

Cacao Plus! and Mayan Chocolate

Cacao Plus! and Mayan Chocolate are great-tasting protein powders that fuel any life-style. Rich flavors of raw cacao blended wtih 13 supergreens, earthy roots and adaptogens, as well as subtle spices of cinnamon and ginger make thsee powders a delicious addition to your diet. For a little bit of spice that is reminiscent of Mexican Chocolate, Mayan Chocolate is for you. Containing less protein than Pacha Protein (only 5g), Cacao Plus! and Mayan Chocolate are perfect for a light meal or snack any time of day. These protein powders are especially popular with athletes as they provide a quick, satisfying, light meal before or after exercise. Some people even find that they can replace their morning or afternoon coffee ritual with either of these delicious shakes.They both taste great mixed with  milk, water or added to a smoothie. 

SuperFood Cacao Elixirs

A unique blend of  raw cacao and superfoods, Sarvaa Elixirs not only taste great but are good for you as they contain a potent blend of nutrient-dense ingredients. Sarvaa elixirs are the ultimate snack to have by your desk, on the yoga mat, or in your cupboard for a healthy dessert or snack replacement. High in anti-oxidants, medium chain fatty acids, and low glycemic, these chocolate elixirs are revolutionary in their amazing taste and high nutrient content. Superfood elixirs taste great taken by the spoonful!

Discover Potent Cacao Elixirs:


   Alive Elixir - Superfruit + Raw Cacao

   Strength Elixir - SuperRoots + Raw Cacao

   Vitality Elixir - SuperGreens + Raw Cacao




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