Athletic Performance


Sarvaa Superfoods are Guaranteed to boost your Athletic Performance.

Sarvaa Superfood meals and supplements can enhance athletic performance, clarity, concentration, recovery times, and even oxygen carrying capacity! Food is your fuel! By putting the best foods in your body, you are ensuring that you are operating at your best physical potential.

Sarvaa Superfood quickly became recognized by extreme atheletes and competitors for how great they felt before and during competition. Purity and a synergistic blend of ingredients really do matter. For you, the "rubber meets the road" in your actual results on the track or on the trail! You play hard. No matter what your game is, fueling your body sets the tone of your physical potential. Fantastic food raises the threshold of your abilities to perform, to stay focused, and to recover.

We guarantee you'll feel better on Sarvaa products than any other typical pre-comp meal. 

How Your Athletic Performance will Benefit:

  • More energy and stamina 
  • Easy to digest and assimilate
  • Increases clarity and concentration
  • Better recovery times
  • Supports ideal blood sugar levels 
  • Improves oxygen carrying capacity
  • Provides bioavailable polysaccharides and amino acids, vitamins, minerals and trace elements
  • Balances the Endocrine System
  • Alkalizes the body to enhance joint health and muscle strength
  • Requires no energy to digest, which provides a very high "Net Energy" 
  • Balances your critical hormone levels such as Cortisol to support muscle function and reduce fatigue during and after intense physical activity.

Recover Now!



Whether it's a busy day, intense exercise, a recent surgery, an emotional issue, or an illness, Sarvaa Superfood will help you recover and feel better sooner! *

Sarvaa Superfoods will:

  1. Energize the body
  2. Calm the nervous system
  3. Detoxify your organs
  4. Boost the immune system
  5. Replace lost nutrients at the cellular level *

Most adults are dealing with more stress than is ideal for the human body. We're exposed to wide-spread emotional stresses around work, family, money, multi-tasking, and health issues. We're also affected by physical stressers, from pollution, noise, traffic, poor indoor air quality, fluorescent lighting, tap water, fluoride, too much time indoors, pesticides, herbicides, lack of deep rest, Electro-Magnetic Fields, Wi-Fi, lack of time in nature, and over processed food. Whew! All the more reason to give our bodies the best nutrition we possibly can! *

Easy to Digest and Assimilate

One of the great benefits of Sarvaa SuperFood is Ease of Digestion. Most of us don't realize how much energy our bodies expend to digest an average meal. It's important that you analyze the "Net Gain" that you are receiving from your food. Net Gain is defined as the actual usable energy after subtracting the energy it takes to digest, assimilate and eliminate what you've eaten.  Sarvaa Superfood digests easily in the upper G.I. Tract and is also very easily absorbed into the bloodstream where the nutrients are then readily available to help us feel better asap! *

Competition and Sports Recovery

Sports scientists tend to disagree about what to eat before and during intense activity, but they have come to some consensus about one topic: recovery meals. No matter what type of exercise you’re doing, in order to rebuild your muscles and get ready for another round of intense activity, you need to eat 0.2 to 0.4 grams of protein combined with 0.8 grams of carbohydrates for every 2.2 pounds you weigh, per hour you’ve exercised. The experts are still debating about when you should eat, but most nutritionists agree that you should eat a recovery meal no longer than 45 minutes after exercising to prevent the body from producing excess cortisol. This may sound complicated, but it doesn't have to be. Simply take two minutes to shake up one of Sarvaa SuperFood Protein powders in your favorite milk. *

For example:

  • A female weighing 110 to 120 lbs would use 2-3 Tbs of Pacha Protein or Sacred Strengh in 12 oz of milk.
  • A female weighing 125 to 150 lbs would use 3-3.5 Tbs of Pacha Protein or Sacred Strength in 12 oz of milk.
  • A male weighing 140 to 155 lbs would use 3-4 Tbs of Pacha Protein or Sacred Strength in 12 oz of milk.
  • A male weighing 165 to 180 lbs would use 4-5 Tbs of Pacha Protein or Sacred Strength in 12 oz of milk.

(Note the serving size varies due to the variable amount of protein and carbs in your choice of milk, and whether you are following a strict vegan diet or eat animal proteins.)

Macro and Micro Nutrients

There's no question that you need to cover your bases with Macro-nutients such as protein, fats, and carbohydrates. The Science of Optimal Health has proven the importance of including an abundance of Micro Nutrients in your daily diet. Micro nutrients are sorely lacking in most people's dietary intake, and are essential for every aspect of your body from your nervous system to your skin and muscle tone. Therefore it's clear that adding Sarvaa SuperFood to your recovery program is extremely beneficial. These high quality, and easily assimilated Macro and Micro Nutrients as well as trace elements are found in the carefully chosen Superfoods you'll find in every Sarvaa product! *

Potent Adaptogens 

Sarvaa SuperFood incorporates the finest Adaptogens from the best healing traditions throughout the world. Healers, Doctors, Scientists, and Shamans all discovered the same essential principle: specific potent botanicals known as adaptogens support the body's ability to adapt to the stress of life. Our bodies have an incredible built in system know as the Endocrine System that is literally responsible for the minute by minute management of stress. From your hormones to your blood sugar levels, your systems are constantly making critical adjustments. But with so many stressors these days, your Endocrine Systems may be over-worked. The adaptogenic botanicals in Sarvaa SuperFood can support and rejuvenate your body, mind and soul! *

  • More Energy and Stamina
  • Healthy Nervous System
  • Hormone Balance
  • Better Performance from the bedroom to the boardroom! *

No matter what stress you've encountered recently, Sarvaa will help you recover and enhance your Life


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